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Started by DragonSpikeXIII, January 31, 2014, 01:51:57 PM

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Quote from: Bob Liu on March 22, 2014, 01:34:35 PM
Awesome to see your making good progress, can't wait to see more.

Thanks, I'd be more than happy to oblige!


Very awesome to see everything working :D  Depending on the overall size of it we may not need to compress it then.  But we'll see :)

Awesome work DragonSpikeXIII and Dashman :D

Bob Liu

Quote from: DragonSpikeXIII on March 22, 2014, 01:40:50 PM
Thanks, I'd be more than happy to oblige!

I've always wanted to play this Ace Combat game and finally someone is translating it, thank you.


On May 27th of this year, it will be exactly 15 years since this game's initial release.


Hey guys, it's update time.

I've finished consolidating the first TIMs that me and Dashman were working on a few weeks ago. All have been edited and as of this writing almost all have been tested. These text images are the ones that anyone can access with jPSXdec or TIM2View.

These include:

- the in-game introduction, which can be seen at the start of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmmZHgqyGug

- all endings where there is actual dialogue. One never had subs, so all endings are accounted for. Endings A and B are on Disc 1, the others on Disc 2.

Fun facts: Dision's ending has two lines at the start that aren't displayed in the game. The first actual line is a summary of those two lines. pmt7ar helped identify these lines.

- Rena/Dision cut-scene from Mission 16 "Broken Wings" (not M15 like in the video), Disc 2, which can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZinfBI4QD4

- Fiona/Cynthia cut-scene from Mission 43 "Utopian Dreams", Disc 2.

- Cynthia/Dision cut-scene from Mission 44 "Reality Distortion". This one's a little bit funny, the text image for this one has a couple of lines out of order at the end, but they display correctly nonetheless (still needs to be tested with Eng. subs), Disc 2.

After these were done, I moved on to editing and testing the TIMs that esperknight skllfully extracted from the .BPB.

His ac3 toolkit for Disc 1 coupled with Dashman's ac3 TIM editing suite are the main tools I'm using. Other important tools are TIMView Plus, Tim2View, timviewer and usenti.

What I'm working on right now is editing and testing about 350 TIMs (rough estimate). These include, in this order: briefings/debriefings, dialogue, data swallow TV broadcasts and some other dialogue that uses different colors.

Things are going smoothly and looking up but at this point this still doesn't mean -100% translation- as there is some text that is yet to be found and extracted. I've brought this to esperknight's attention so we'll see what we can do about that.

Last but not least, in-game tests have all been successful up until now. Text displays correctly though the game is little tricky in how it handles the TIM images, it cuts off some of the right side of the TIMs so that means I can't use all 256 pixels of width. This was never going to be problem when writing in Japanese but for us it matters as we're going to need every pixel we can get.

By the way, anyone got the last and final version of Tim View Plus? I lost mine a couple of weeks ago thanks to a PC failure and all links are gone, it was a very good program and had some important features that could make progress faster. All I have now is an older version which lacks many of the features I've relied on since work on ac3 began.

Bob Liu


Evening gents,

Mission 01 is almost fully translated, only the in-mission stuff is yet to be found for editing.

Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbqKBqR3TeY

Bob Liu


Loved the translation, loved the editing of the video, hated how every texture seems to be extremelly low-res in this game. Great work :)

Red Soul

Everything is looking great, and I'm really looking forward to this being done.
Congratulations for the hard work all of you from Team NEMO have been putting into this - this is probably my favorite AC game and the one that raised the bar for the series and took it to a much more interesting direction than its predecessors did.


Here's my weekly update:

- After doing the first mission, I moved on to the second one and that too is completed, apart from the in-mission stuff.

- I can safely say that I could do about one mission per day even when a little busy with other things. There are a few possible exceptions when it's a mission with longer and more numerous stretches of dialogue or exposition.

Two examples of this are the first mission, which took me two days and still isn't perfect, and the first GR mission (19) where the GBS news broadcast takes not one, two or three, but FOUR double-layered TIMs full of exposition. On top of that whenever Dision shows up I know it's gonna take longer than usual, the guy just loves to talk.

On the other hand, Rena is the one who talks least but the way she speaks isn't really fluid and the way her lines are timed reflect her labored way of speaking. Fiona and Erich are pretty straightforward and much simpler. Keith and Cynthia don't seem to be very different from them but I haven't gotten to actually editing anything from them yet.

- This week I also went back to the folders containing all the TIMs and renamed each folder so that I wouldn't have to waste time anymore looking for the TIMs I needed (out of 194). Now that I have found a good naming convention the time it takes to get edit the TIMs has been drastically reduced, there were times when I had to go through all 194 folders more than once on the same day, clicking and scrolling down ad nauseum because I couldn't find the one I needed but those days are gone now.

There are about 50 folders with TIMs that still need to be decompressed and identified. I believe the in-mission stuff is in them because other than that there is no pre/post-mission text that is really missing and even if it were it is easy to guess which one it is.

- The way the folders are ordered is mostly tidy but it gets a little bit messier after normal dialogue is over, this is the way they were ordered:

0127-0178: briefing/debriefings, chronological but the folder that has one mission's briefing almost always has the previous mission debriefing: 0127-M01Briefing, 0128-M02BriefingM01Debriefing, and so on. There are some exceptions to this when there is more than one possible path.

0248-0356- Pre/post-mission dialogue, mind you I'm working on Disc 1 but this disc has all TIMs from both CD1 AND CD2. I don't know why that is, it may have to do with the "Archive" function in the mission menu but for that to work disc 1 (and 2) would need the Japanese dub audio files from both discs as well (which I don't think I've seen). Half is nice and tidy but there's about 20 folders that aren't present here that can only be found in the next section (still chronologically though). So right now I already have access to material from both discs, ready for editing.

0357-0400: news broadcasts, chronological as well.

From folder 401 to 408 the TIMs are the ones that have white lettering on a black background, which is still pre/post mission stuff, it's only a color change. There are still dozens of folders after the 408th, which I believe may contain in-mission text.

- I love the end-games of all paths as the closer you get to the end the fewer things one needs to work on. After a while there just aren't any briefings or debriefings, no pre/post mission messages or news of any kind. There is a bit more in-mission dialogue and cut-scenes though but that's pretty much it and they're short and concise anyway.

Ok so this is pretty much it for this week's update, I might upload a video of mission 02 Bravado in the next few days, but it would be more of the same stuff I showed on last week's video. Mission 03 I'll only upload when when we manage to crack the in-mission stuff because that mission has lots of chatter and one cut-scene. Not much point in making a showcase when half the video is still untouched, hehe.

Bob Liu

That does sound confusing and taxing, your making very good progress so good luck.


It's been two weeks since my last update, I was hoping to make updates weekly at first but there haven't been any new breakthroughs or developments, which are the only things that make posting updates worthwhile for everyone.

I'm in the middle of editing, I'm immensely happy the project's advanced to this point and progress is steady, a little slower than the breakneck speed the project was going weeks ago but that's only natural as we were kickstarting this thing to get the project moving.

So 52 missions to work on. That's a lot even with the in-game stuff still out of reach. I think I'll post a video for the second mission in the future to show how the smaller text news bulletins look, there's one at the end of it and Dashman had to upgrade the text editor for me to able to properly edit those.

As soon as there's something new I'll make sure to post it here.


I took a look the other day at your blog and read the results of your research about the causes for AC3 being cut down for its international release. It may be a bit especulative, but I loved the fact that someone at last threw some light on this matter, it was one of these doubts I've had since the game cam out. Also loved the fan-made CMs, you've got some editing skills man.

Keep it up, but don't worry about taking a bit more time. We've waited almost 15 years for this, a bit more time won't kill us ;)

Bob Liu


Great work man. Keep on going...we'll translate this masterpiece in every language  ;D ;D ;D

Bob Liu

Any update on recent progress, also how about answering back to me pm's at least.


Hey all,

a progress report has been posted on our blog, I'm about halfway through the first disc.


I'm preparing a full progress report that will be published on June 16th. I'm confident that by the end of June I'll done with Disc 1 (in-game radio chatter/communications NOT included).

And Bob Liu: please stop asking for updates here and via PM, I will not answer any such messages. News on progress will be posted for everyone to see when I feel is more appropriate.

Gideon Zhi

Quote from: DragonSpikeXIII on May 16, 2014, 07:56:11 PM
And Bob Liu: please stop asking for updates here and via PM, I will not answer any such messages. News on progress will be posted for everyone to see when I feel is more appropriate.



Hey yo,

dropping by to say that I'm uploading some cut-scenes here -> http://tinyurl.com/lddmbwz

These are the same cut-scenes on which me and Dashman were working on back in March. As the current stage of editing Disc 1 is nearing its end, I thought of going back to these short but insightful segments. They contain revised translations that should be very close to final.

These last two weeks I've been working pretty much non-stop and I'm already going back to the earlier missions to improve things here and there. BRPXQZME and pmt7ar are providing assistance to me where needed.

By the way, I'm going to be very busy during weekdays for the next three weeks as the time has come for my yearly military duty here, a refresher course where we repeat some basic drills, easy stuff, but it remains to be seen if I'll have enough stamina left during weekends. So I'm preemptively putting some stuff out there to keep those interested satisfied and show how we're working.