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Translating PSP Game Agarest Senki Mariage

Started by Etian, January 24, 2014, 09:31:13 AM

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Hello, newbie here, I am Etian from Portugal and I am a huge Agarest Fan and I'd love to translate the PSP version of the game, the problem is I have zero experience in rom hacking, for the last few days I've been trying, I did try to read the guides here on website and ended up knowing more or less the same than when I started.

From what I understand PSP games are a tricky bunch, each one of them have their own file structure and it's rather hard to locate the text, my current problem is how to find the text.

I used UMDgen to extract the game iso and then fired up HEX Workshop(Also tried Madedit) to read the DAT files I changed the code to unicode(The game is in Japanese) and but all I found was a few Japanese Kanji among assorted symbols(gibberish?) and some characters that I can only think that is some kind of Chinese. Is there something I'm missing? I really don't know what to look for or if I'm doing all the steps correctly, because I am yet to find a single phrase among all the coding.

Should I upload some screenshots to help illustrate the issue?


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... oh.

Anyway, if you are finding isolated kanji floating around, that's probably just coincidence. It's very easy to get random bytes misinterpreted that way. If it uses a standard encoding, it is much more likely to be Shift JIS.
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You're not looking at texts.

What you're trying to do is likely difficult. Good luck if the text isn't compressed, change your project if it is (unless PPSSPP has some good debug features, and yet, it's no beginner job)