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Author Topic: Master of Monster Genesis  (Read 1372 times)


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Master of Monster Genesis
« on: January 13, 2014, 04:47:50 pm »

With some weeks in the study of Rom Hacking i have been reading all basic manuals, i decided to focus on genesis games since i had a console when i was kid and there are few Gen/MD stuff around.

The game Master of Monster of Genesis was the rom i started practicing my hack skills, i really love that game and play it on psp on my way to work every morning. I used this rom as example while i was reading the manuals on the Getting Started Section.

So far i have been able to modify the game to make the turns unlimited (always stays on turn 1) for Skirmish Games and for Campaign, then i decided to move into another issue, here is when problems began.

I tied to find the text table, the Hex editor (Hex Workshop) found it right away.

I thought i was "Lucky" myself.....But even so i can't seems to find the ingame text using the table code (not even the simple PRESS START)

Also i have been trying to check if i can edit game data like graphic and so on, but i cant seems to get something to show on TLP maybe they are compressed or something.

Well in resumen, besides learning how to do some neat hack things, i want to modify this game, in the future, i want to be able to add/modify maps, masters, creatures, text, etc. And i want some suggestion from those with experience. I have the time to read and learn, but most guides are bases on NES/SNES emulators which have plenty of tools that make things easy, and sadly the Genesis doesn't have the same support.

Sorry for the long Explanation Post, i thought would be easy if i say what i can do so far and what i want to do in the future.

Thanks in advance.