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Anyone know a .PIX viewer software?

Started by wyndcrosser, January 05, 2014, 01:46:12 AM

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The above link is for a .pix image file

It comes from the game Earth Seeker, that I'm currently translating. A Wii title.

I have NO idea how to read it, no program I found will identify it.

IT should look like this.

Please help, if you can or have free time.

Thank you,


Perhaps you should clarify what game/platform you are working on that uses these files?
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Thanks? A PIX viewer is typically a PIX viewer  ;)

Focusing on my post in "personal projects". The .PIX or image files I'm trying to read/view/edit are for the Wii game, Earth Seeker.

I'm trying to figure out how to modify the title screen, as it doesn't appear to be in the .ffx or .pac, but rarely an image file.


The Alias file format plug-in allows you to read and write files in the Alias .pix format. This format is commonly used for 3D rendering software from Alias/Wavefront, and in some image-editing software on UNIX systems.

Tried this yet?


Quote from: wyndcrosser on January 05, 2014, 12:11:35 PM
Thanks? A PIX viewer is typically a PIX viewer  ;)

The programmer are free to name their files and their extensions. So if you have a software that opens pix files it does not mean it will work for your files. If the cs4 plugin is not working look at the header of the file. It should hold information about the size and palette/image offsets and imagetype. Maybe the magic word, if there is one, will give you further information on the filetype. Since it's a Wii game its most likely big endian byteorder.

EDIT: I just remembered i had a look at this game some time ago. This is what i wrote on xentax:
Looks like the header is in little endian byte order and contains some information for the use of the image. After the first 4 bytes ("FPIX") there comes the filesize and, there are similar values after the "DPIX" and "XPIX" but smaller. Maybe some pointer.
Anyway the image starts at 0x6C and its the standard TPL (0x0020AF30) format (see ... l#sec15.35) at the end right after the TPL there comes some gameinfo again (28 bytes - "XNAM"...).
I was able to dump the TPL with TplMii and tplx by just cutting it out from the archive first