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Obscure translation guides

Started by constraint, December 23, 2013, 08:05:44 PM

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I just realized that Blaze Union has a translation guide(gamefaqs) which provides the reader a translation of the entire story up to the first ending.
I also realized that Shining Blade was translated by text.
Anyone got a list of translation guides that have been under the radar?


List..... between sites like gamefaqs having script dumps/translations ( being one of the better known for the GBA) and fan sites having the same for a lot of things I barely even bother to note them any more. Obscure... a lot of the fire pro wrestling stuff does not tend to make it outside FPW circles, it is translated but it is often modded a lot at the same time and as such it blurs the lines between translation and mod an awful lot.

That said I am not going to be putting money on you finding a list any time soon, basic script dumps happen often enough and some fan sites will hand copy a playthrough and translate it. Neither are especially useful for ROM hacks either, to say nothing some interesting approaches/thoughts on translation from time to time, so from what I gather most hackers are not inclined to note them unless asked about it*.

*you strip the control codes from a ROM, increase the size as most basic text translations do, wind in some suspect translation and maybe only do a partial/your choices for a playthrough and I will probably be far more inclined to dump the script for myself and start over rather than try to insert that. That said menu translations are frequently nice to have here and I will make a bit of effort here to insert something or use it as the basis for a hack.


There might be some stuff in the "Abandoned" section off to the left.
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Many Super Robot Wars games have translation guides available. SRW A has a complete translation, and most of the big ones have a sort of summary translation by MNeidengard, though you'll be stuck to the route he played. He always plays the Super routes while I would always play Real routes FML  :'(
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I also saw a script translation for Tales of Destiny 2. I think it provided the translation for the npc's too lol.


Probably not exactly what was asked for, but I once picked up an unofficial guide for the US version of Final Fantasy VI from an antique store. The thing was, this wasn't so much a guide, as it was a 300 page black-and-white text on the game, describing the game in a very narrative-like and eloquent way.

I mention it because it also didn't use the official FFVI localized names for the US either :o I thought it was really interesting, perhaps a guide written before the game officially came out?


I know someone translated the script for Hiryuu no Ken III for Famicom (Flying Warriors 2, unless Culture Brain had another name already planned, there were pretty inconsistent naming the Super Chinese localizations as well), but I haven't heard of anybody wanting to hack the game.
(I mean, it seemed like they had almost settled on Ninja Boy, but then decided to call SCW2 Galactic Defender :P ).
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