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Project II: Final Fantasy IV v3.04

Started by FlamePurge, November 17, 2013, 11:31:11 PM

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I'd love to be able to do that, but changing speeds while in motion seems to be what causes the game to get out of sync. The original User Options aimed to do just that, but I could never get it to work right.
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While the thread is bumped up here, does anyone know how I'd go about making the item icons not go away in battle messages? It looks awkward when you steal from an enemy and it says, "Stole Silver." like Silver is the shield's full name. I understand that I will have to expand the small eight-tile info box to nine tiles to fit this, but I think it'll be worth it for a little extra polish.
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Quote from: chillyfeez on March 03, 2015, 04:53:54 PM
I'd love to be able to do that, but changing speeds while in motion seems to be what causes the game to get out of sync. The original User Options aimed to do just that, but I could never get it to work right.

I guess the quickest solution at this point is to decompile FF4advance and see how they did it...

But i suppose id have to have knowledge of GBA assembly for that.

Bregalad has worked with GBA, he might know a thing or two.


Are you going to put the break damage limit hack chillyfeez made in Project II?


If I had to take a guess, I'd say the break damage limit patch defies the primary objective of Project II.
But if you are interested in seeing the results, they should be compatible. Just apply Project II to a clean ROM, then apply Break Damage Limit after that.
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Quote from: TheZunar123 on February 21, 2015, 11:03:51 PM
If I had to offer a suggestion for a game that needs a Vivification, I would personally ask for Lufia. It's fine for the most part, but there's just a lot of little detail things that could use fixing, for example the spell names. There is a de-censor patch, but I'm not sure what to make of it. It sounds like it fixes some things but makes others worse.
I remember D made a patch for Lufia's spell names at some point.
Saying something like "now enjoy your nonsense spell names, like Phantasy Star" (I don't remember which PS exactly) :D
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Yeah, no, Cavery210, people can combine them if they want. I'd rather it have been a more round number, like 16,000 for a maximum damage, anyway. Stuff like going for the max of 65,535 and stuff just looks hacky to me.
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Quote from: KingMike on March 05, 2015, 09:48:24 PM
I remember D made a patch for Lufia's spell names at some point.
Saying something like "now enjoy your nonsense spell names, like Phantasy Star" (I don't remember which PS exactly) :D
That is the patch that I mention in my post that I'm not sure whether or not to use.
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Bahamut ZERO

... I love this hack lol. Been playing through it a little when I need a break from testing my project. I'm about to get Tellah at the Watery Pass.  The script rewrite is definately a major improvement over the original, which feels like reading a robot talking in old English in comparison.

It's also proving to be an extremely vital resource to me beyond being just a fun game to play.  Having two FF4ksters running with Project II acting as a dictionary to what the dummied items are is saving me the large chuck of time, allowing me to focus my time on other areas.

Would you happen to know how I could go about getting ahold of Paladin? I noticed you credited him for the epic title screen edit, and I'd like ask him if I could use his "IV" as well.
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Thanks for the kudos, Bahamut ZERO! :) I wish you luck in your FFIV hacking. I will most certainly get you in touch with Paladin. I have his email address, I'll PM you it.
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Quote from: TheZunar123 on March 06, 2015, 11:25:51 AM
That is the patch that I mention in my post that I'm not sure whether or not to use.

I have to agree. While I'd like the uncensored stuff, I'm staring at the spells list going "What the hell?"

I'd definitely like this re-examined.


Like I said, I have a patch ready to go, but I can't find D to save my life. KingMike directed me to where he might be found, but I couldn't find a trace of him. All I need is his permission to use his patch as a base...
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...You know what?

I want to do a write up of FF4 that mimics the DS script a lil more closely than yours, but I honestly don't think I can top what you've done Viv.

I'm hurtin'. You've really put some heart into this thing. I'm gonna adopt your version of FF4 as my official favorite.

Thanks a mil for this!


Aw, thanks dude. I wouldn't care if you did a DS-inspired version, though. <.< More variety is great!

Edit - While I'm here... If you guys can, try to play Project II on a CRT TV! It's divine. Takes me back to when I first played the PSone port in 2002.
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Speaking of scripts, I'd like to see a addendum to J2e's FF4 patch that fixes a lot of its mistakes and faults. Some of the names will be changed back to the SNES version if the SNES translation is superior.

Names to change:
Golbeze - Golbeza
Calcobrena - Calcabrina
Jiott - Giotto
Corillo - Corio
Wizard - Mage
Kukuru - Kukul
Tower of Zott - Tower of Zot
Phantom Beast - Esper
Phantom World - Feymarch
Gravity - Magnetism
Tomera - Tomra
Toroia - Troia
Agalt - Agart
Cafe - Pub
FuSoYa - Fusuya
Strengthen - Bluff
Fire 2 and Fire 3 - Fira and Figa
Ice 2 and Ice 3 - Blizzara and Blizzaga
Bolt 2 and Bolt 3 - Thundara and Thundaga
Cure, Cure 2, Cure 3 and Cure 4 - Care, Carara, Carada and Caraga
Life and Life 2 - Raise and Arise
Osmose - Aspir
Piggy - Porky
Sleep - Sleepel or Sleeper
Sight - Sightro (It's there in FF4j)
Dejon - Dezone
Teleport - Telepo
Monster Picturebook - Bestiary
LuckyMallet - MidgeMallet
TowerKey - Lugeie Key or Lugeie
FryingPan - LoveFryPan
Playboy - Erotic Mag
Echoer - Echo Weed
Kuar - Coeurl
Creesalis - Crysalis
Heiropatra - Elapatra
Sahagin - Sahuagin
Domovy - Domovoi
Satanite - Sataknight
Roc - Rukh
IceWarrior - Ghost Kn.
Prankster - Practi
HandLegger - Hundlegs
Lacy - Leshy
Rilmarder -Lil Murderer
Marionette - Puppeteer
Procaryote - Prokaryote
Pudding - Flan
Takahasi - Takahashi
Centipede - Tunneler
Balnaba - Barnaba
Dog, Rag and Mag - Cindy, Mindy and Sandy
4 Emperors - Elite Four (Four Heavenly Kings is the Japanese name of the Elite Four from Pokemon)
Tidarthian - Ogopogo
Fire Technique, Bolt Technique and Water Technique - Unleashed Fire, Swift Lightning and Unleashed Water
Lines to change:

"I think William Shatner is more convincing than you." -  "If you're going to put on an act, you really should do a better job of it."

"He was that human with the overdeveloped sense of honor. He was an amusing one... He 'would never turn over the country to such a fiend,' and so on and so forth..." - "I believe he was the one who said he refused to give the kingdom to me, among other such things."

It's a miracle that a carrion-eating animated corpse like him was one of us four. - After all, he was so weak that it was a mystery how he managed to be one of the Elite Four.

I'm gonna get medieval on your ass! - I'm gonna kick your butt!

I'm a superstar! - Heh! You're both geezers!

So you really are worried about your little whore, aren't you? - Heh. So you ARE worried?

You son of a bitch! - Why you...

I'm tired of sitting around and getting drunk! I wanna fight! - (remove)

I see...but did Fate intend for them to sacrifice themselves...? - I see... So those two were able to surpass me in the end...

You must need a lot of food to fill your huge stomachs!  - Being as big as you are, food costs must be tough.

I've come a long way from the Mythril Mountain to the north. - The mithril mountain is far to the north.

All of the lines of the Mythril Boys - Baby! Yeah! We're gonna show you a cool dance! C'mon brothers! We're the Mithril Brothers! Let's dance!

Gotta get me a shotgun to keep all them tiny boys offa her. - (removed)

I can't live without the sun. - We can't live without the sun.

I saw some red ships going into the crater to the north! - The other day I saw something red being swallowed up into a mountain crater to the north!

Hey, I'll show you a mysterious dance! - Shall I show you a mysterious dance? It came from the Hidden Land

We mine gems from the cave in the north. However, we can't wear anything metal. It gets really heavy. - When I took a metal safe into the northeastern cave to collect some gems, it got stuck and I couldn't budge it.

Hey, this one's got firm hands! - (removed)

The atmosphere here is great! Not only that, but a lot of guys drop by, so our evenings are fun... if you know what I mean! - The air and the food here are delicious, AND things are so nice and laid-back with so many women here!   

Hello! What's your pleasure? - Oh, young man. Please give us your repeat patronage!

You seem to want to spend some quality time with an older, more mature woman. - Allow ME to give you folks company.

Give me a guy with no chest hair next time. - Next time I want furs.

I'll tell you who your daddy is! - I'll buy you whatever you like!

Damn that old bastard! - Damn that old geezer!

If you enjoy the show, please remember to be generous with the tips. - (Removed)

Damn, I wish I was as young as you... - Coming here in the middle of the day... You certainly love this too!

Kya! What, didn't you get enough of us during the show? - Eek! (removed)

Kyun Kyun! - Kweh! Kweh!

Yes, my name is Jeremiah. How did you know? and I love being green - Croak...

I love being a frog. Plenty of kisses from fair maidens... - It's easy being a frog...

And you expect to get in? - You guys aren't greedy.

While wandering as a bard, I learned songs that warded off evil fairies and spirits. - replace fairies with elves.

Cain: Where's the Crystal of Earth?
Cain: Follow my airship. - add
Cecil: It's right here! Where's Rosa?
Cain: Heh! Don't be hasty!

Well, well, well... you've got the crystal... -  I am pleased that you've upheld our agreement...

As thanks for saving me an invasion, - If you can make it this far,

Of course being the bad guy that I am, I can't guarantee that your precious Rosa will live... -  I cannot guarantee your dear Rosa will remain alive, unless you come quickly...

Do you think I'd harm my bargaining chip?  -  Of course. She is unharmed. you know any Rosa..? - What Rosa are you talking about?

But I have some with you! For Anna!!! - Even if you don't, I have business with you! Now you will know Anna's pain!

Tellah: My life... for power... - I'm going to convert all of my life into MP...

So, you must be pleased with yourselves. You've rescued the girl, saved the Dragon Knight... Still you lost the old man and Lord Golbeze left with merely a scratch. And then there's me... - To think that you could harm Master Golbeza... It seems he underestimated you all!

After what we gave you? Why? We're both creatures of the sky! - Despite the strength you possess, too!

Barbariccia, I did not betray anything, except my honor! - Call it coming to my senses rather than betrayal, Barbariccia!

New Line: Barbariccia: Do not call my name with such familiarity!

To think I prevented Lord Golbeze from killing you, because of a weak human emotion... - We should have eliminated both you AND Rosa had we known this might happen.

The target is blocked by the wind! Jump in order to attack! - We can't see her with that wind! Our only option is to jump!

crystals on the front side of the Earth and crystals on the reverse -  The four crystals of this world are the "obverse side" crystals, so to speak....

Hey karate kid! Before we do any ass kicking, shouldn't we get back those crystals? - Hey there! Before we fight, shouldn't we get those crystals back?

I can see why you're Cecil's friend. Both of you were Baron's puppets. - Man! I can't believe you just let lousy ol' Baron use you like that!

Scarmiglione: You defeated me...twice! The darkness...I'm falling...into eternal darkness...  - Curse you... How could I be defeated by the likes of you...?!   

Hmph! This is why adults are such a pain in the ass! - Ugh. Grownups can be such a pain in the neck.

It's not me dammit! - I told you already, it's not me!

Ah, death... What strength I find in it! Come join me... - Thank you for killing me. In death, the power of Scarmiglione of Earth is even more terrifying... Die as you slowly savor it!

I will drag your souls to an abyss of peril! - I cannot let those who've seen my true form live. I'm going to knock you off the cliff!

Grand Master that he is. -  You truly are impressive, Master Tella.

You're that bard! You son of a bitch! Anna's dead because of you! - You're that bard! Because of you Anna's...

Hot DAMN! - My goodness!

Valid ID required - (removed)

Once you beat Final Fantasy, try Seiken Detsunu 3 - Once you beat FF4, try FF Adventure!


You want to direct all that to the Namingway Edition, I'd think.


No, these are for a addenium for J2e's patch.


OK, see, though, Cavery210--the whole point of Project II is to pretend that J2e's translation didn't exist, unless you're really hard-up for the original maps. There's the PSone version, the GBA port, and the PSP collection if you really need FFIV with the original difficulty and maps.
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ff4kster does not work with ff4j, at all.

You'll have to hex edit the J2e version, which I have, along with Joel Smith's help.

I just discovered a typo in the readme to this.

It says to use ff3 us v1.0 when obviously it should be applied to the J2e Translation.


Since Spooniest can hack J2e's patch, maybe Project II can have a version for J2e's patch with my suggestions.