I found a great patch for Final Fantasy NES made by CaptainMuscles

Started by dudejo, November 17, 2013, 07:21:51 AM

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Sorry if it's already known.

On GameFAQS, a hacker by the name of CaptainMuscles created the Dynamic Action patch.

What this does is that instead of selecting your actions before the round starts, you get prompted to act as the character's turn comes up.

It's like an ATB system without the waiting.


It's hard to find a patch file for this. I found the message boards telling which bytes are changed, but who has the time to manually type in a patch?
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Yeah, please share the patch if you have! Always good to archive as many copies as possible  :beer:


Oh my I always wanted something like this !! But as soon as I tried to reverse engineer the battle routine, my head was like exploding and I quickly gave up.
In other words that'd be basically Final Fantasy 10 round system but without all the advanced features and character swaping.


Here are the relevant  links:

Take 1
Take 2
Current Discussion

I'm definitely interested in this.


I went ahead and did the hex editing, from the Take 2 thread. It seems to be working perfectly fine. It does change the way the battles flow even without any additional patches. For instance since all actions are performed immediately there is no risk of ever attacking an enemy that was already defeated. So you can recover some text space even. Hell you could probably delete the code that handles actions on defeated enemies attacks.

As mentioned in the thread, this should be compatible with all existing patches including the turn order enhancement which I recommend be paired with it.

The only thing to note as a flaw is that your party members step forward when their turn comes up, then step back, and then immediately step up again to perform their action. CaptainMuscles mentioned trying to change this, but he doesn't seem to have made any further posts about it. So it is definitely something to consider as a further enhancement to this patch.

Anyway, here's the patch:
Dynamic Action Selection Patch


Oh ****.

Sorry for not replying. The topic wasn't getting any responses and I got distracted by other things.

Either way, it's great to see the patch uploaded, by the original author no less.

By the way, Grond uploaded a fix for the redundant back-and-forth stepping. The link just popped up on the home page update listing.

Right here:

Personally, I don't really mind the redundant stepping. The patch has worked flawlessly for me so far and it takes away so much frustration. Such a simple change (in a manner of speaking. I know assembly isn't a cake walk) and yet it makes the game so much better.


I tried out the new version of the patch. Excellent!
My next thing I'd like to look into is disabling the back button function that would normally take back to the previous character and adding a defend command.


Sadly, I have to report a bug with the patch.

I've been trying to fight Tiamat in the Sky Palace and I can't get through the fight without the game crashing.

Sadly, I can't quite put my finger on why. Using spells seemed to make it happen more often but even by ignoring magic entirely, it would still crash.

Thankfully, I could reverse-patch it to the normal combat system, which allowed me to get through the battle. So far, Tiamat is the only time I ever got problems.

EDIT : The spells in question seem to be any spell of Level 5 and above. When I use lower spell levels, everything seems fine. The way I see it, it's possible that Tiamat uses a spell with similar code, causing the crash during his own battle.


I didn't know CaptainMuscles' original patch had this bug. I haven't actually used it much yet, but I assumed lots of other people were using it and I hadn't heard of any problems with it until now. Unfortunately, I think it's beyond my ability to fix it. Maybe some 6502 guru will take up the cause?

I also wanted to make it so that your characters stay stepped-forward as attack/healing animations play out and only step back afterwards (like in more recent FF games), but I couldn't come up with an easy way to do that. That would be another nice update if someone does more work on this.


Interestingly and somewhat relatedly, a while back I stumbled upon a cool Japanese FF1 hack that includes a retargeting feature like the one in the newer games, which will also prevent the dreaded "Ineffective" attacks. The hack is called "Final Fantasy Revised", by YaneBANU. It also has some other cool features--for instance there is a party-wide "stock" menu for holding extra weapons and armor.

I would possibly submit it to this site, but the readme seems to indicate that he doesn't want it hosted anywhere else (via machine translation; I can't really read Japanese).

(Note: It seems that you need to either use a proxy or be located in Japan to even access the site.)
-Hack's intro page
-Link to patch
-Doc on hack's edits (search for 32376 to find the auto-retarget code)

If you go to the site's top page there are links to several other hacks as well, though none seem as impressive as FF Revised.

Anyway, I am thinking of using the relevant code from this hack in the next version of my GFF hack (with some additions/edits to reduce its overpoweredness). I could perhaps submit the auto-retarget code as a seperate patch--I assume that would be acceptable if proper credit is given--but I'd like for one of the Japanese-speakers here to read around on the site and verify that YaneBANU is the person who wrote the new code or if it was someone else, so I can give proper credit.


I didn't use the latest bug-fix. Only the original code that I lifted from GameFAQS.

If it can help, I also ran AstralEsper's restoration patch along with a variety of personal changes made through FFHackster.

Changes included weapon stats, armor stats, class stats, spell stats, monster stats, shop line-ups and relocated treasure chests.

However, I had a back-up IPS with the old combat routine. I patched it over the ROM file and the game worked fine.

I also applied the Dynamic combat routine on a vanilla ROM and I couldn't replicate the issue.

For now, I'm trying a playthrough where I only apply AstralEsper's restoration, equipment stats, class stats and shop line-ups. Sadly, the crash happened at Tiamat's battle so I won't know if it works until the late-game segments.

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Sadly, even those reduced settings cause the crash. I fought Lich, casting Fire 3 on it and the game crashed immediately. I also tried a quick test where I only applied the Restoration and Dynamic Action patch by themselves. Same results.

The way I see it, AstralEsper's Restoration patch and CaptainMuscle's Dynamic Action patch are unfortunately incompatible.

If you use any spell of Level 5 and above, the game is guaranteed to crash.


@dudejo: Sorry for the necro-post, but I supplied some debugging info to Disch, and he came up with a patch to fix the freezing. he's posted it on this thread:

Try it out, and be sure to thank Disch for this quick and awesome work!