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YY-CHR (NeoGeo CD) Questions ?

Started by msmalik681, December 11, 2021, 07:23:03 AM

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Hi total noob here.

Trying to edit Neo Geo CD .SPR files from "Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits - Bushidohretsuden (1997)(SNK)(Jp)" cant seem to line up the images right tried all pattern option closest one was 7x2 vertical is there any way to display it perfectly or do you have to edit as is.

My other issue was getting the palette I tried using .PRG files with a similar name but non of them worked I think Neo Geo uses .DAT files but there are none in this game. also tried save states from raine, neoraine and retroarch with no luck. Do I have to manually make the palette based on screenshots ? As far as I am aware SPR file don't hold palette data so it should be fine as long as i use the same colour pixels.

I also tested in SPR Editor and NGFX got the same issues.


Try a different program version, maybe there are more patterns and formats

As for palette, it must have RGB format (and maybe .pal extension). If nothing else works, import BMP images to the program (.NET version requires 128x128 size IIRC) and export a palette file (actually I don't remember if the program loads palette from the image). Colors likely won't be in the same order as in the game, but at least you will get all of them.



thanks for the help I still do not know what file holds the palette information but it can be viewed with F4 in MAME when running the game but its just as long as copying the colours from a screenshot so why bother its only 16 colours.

Still cant get the image to line up right but setting the tiles to 2 pixels wide gets close enough with half images so I will try to work with that for now.

Thanks again for the support.