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Bay mount cartridge readers?

Started by SaintJames, November 05, 2013, 05:01:41 PM

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I'm building a PC at the moment, and I was curious if anyone knew of any bay mount devices that are able to read either NES or SNES cartridges? A Google search didn't turn up much, but I thought I would ask here in the off chance that such a device does actually exist. I just got my Case Labs STH10, and with all of the bay mount options I couldn't help but hold an NES cartridge up to the front panel and think, "This should go here." Maybe there's a chance that I could make one if one doesn't already exist?



Gideon Zhi

I'm personally aware of a USB reader, but no bay mounts, no. Sorry. Anyone else?


Dumpers are one thing, I can not say I have ever seen any PC based live readers for NES carts*. Do you truly envisage dumping enough NES carts for it to matter?

Personally I would probably look at making one using one of the existing bits of kit, there are quite a few generic bay mounts you could probably adapt.

*that said there have been some things using the arduino ( ) and other programmable chips. I guess if you dumped the ROM to some RAM and presented it as a USB drive (presumably along with the save) and otherwise sorted it so the save got back I guess you could have a kind of cart reader, I am not even going to consider forking an emulator and redirecting reads about the place. If I cared that much I imagine I would opt for the easier way of just dumping the save to the RAM presented as a flash drive and have the emulator load and save to that (mirroring it on the game cart of course) and having the ROM just be a file on my machine. I am even lazier than that though so I would more likely just have a means to grab and restore saves.



Someone designed a fancy PC case once that had a whole bunch of consoles stuffed inside.  I can't seem to find any good pictures of what he did with the cartridge ports, though.,24330,3381725,00.html
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