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Author Topic: Need HELP WITH SDME,Reinserting 3D MODELS(dont load the Meshes)  (Read 1281 times)


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Need HELP WITH SDME,Reinserting 3D MODELS(dont load the Meshes)
« on: November 04, 2013, 01:17:17 pm »
Sorry For First Timed the Fail,link Pics idk why ,but now ehres Updated the Links

I used This:

2. 2.g3dcvtr.exe (I renamed it in 3,to make easier Commands in the CMD)
3.SDME(Spikeys DS MAP EDITOR)v1.8
4.Virtual XP Mode when u Have win7 for Running Old Programms Like Autodesk max 6
5.And a Original Pokemon Platin US Rom from ur Cartride US

SO .. I write it .. (3st time ,other's forum .. no one helped me so i hope here..)

but not important i just hope ANYONE can help me *sigh*

1. I have a Problem with Reinserting a 3D model ,i export it ,import in Google Sketch up ,and than Import 3ds Max and than i Export it with the Nintendo Nitro System for a nsbmd

so I make maps and more yeah no Problems , but when i wanna reinserting a 3D model

looks like so -> <-- No Problem SDME reads it whitout a Problem the Meshes tooo but mine looks so .. - >

I really Dont know whats the Problem is .-.,maybe anyone can help me ..oh and a Other ask When i
wanna Change a Model what is # 25 to 589(giratina sprial) just for a test tat looks like so< -- ..

maybe anyone can help me? , _ ,

and a second help aynone can explain me this?
Maybe anyone is Friendly and can explain it to a Newbie ; - ; ..

I spend a lots time to find the Problem..but i dont find hope maybe can help me .-.

*leaves cookies here* and sry for my Bad English

and sry for Link it like this ,i wanna Uplouding the Pics but I cant,(OK button never appear)

but i Hope really anyone can help me here ,_ ,

SO and here ORIGINAL DATA, the Same Textures ALLL The map shows Right..,but the others Areas just Fail..and idk why(anyone knows)?

Heres the original Model i exportet it whitout a Porblem and the originial TIlset and File Name all
but yeah the map has no Problems ->

but than the other areas like this ..-> <-

so yeah call me a noob..but than pls explain it for me and Help me with it i wanna Learn it ,i Would thank u so much
*leaves cookies here* ; _ . ..
IDK anymore pls help me anyone ; n ; ..
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