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Started by Raccoon Sam, April 28, 2017, 10:52:02 AM

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Raccoon Sam

Download here: ckd.ips
The patch is for an unheadered US 1.0 ROM.

I was greatly inspired by SMILEuser96's Super Metroid Rotation and I've been working on this for some time now. In a nutshell, this hack flips all the levels in Donkey Kong Country horizontally*.
I wrote a set of Python scripts that flip the level layout horizontally, then mirror the camera focal coordinates, then flip the sprite order (excluding the level exit sprite) and subtract their x position values from the level width, and do the same to the levels' banana maps. I had to do some manual work with DKCRE, dkedit and a hex editor... some small parts of the level layouts had to be fixed by hand to make them actually beatable, but otherwise they're pretty much 1:1. What's most affected are the Warp barrels, a few bonus barrels, some ropes and the layout and shooting direction of certain barrels.

I am no longer interested in working on this hack, so if anyone wants to continue, be my guest! As far as I'm aware, only things that aren't done are:
• Map wrap-around isn't working
• Trick Track Trek and Tanked up Trouble are unbeatable
• Temple Tempest Gnawties don't start homing you
• The sprites for bonus walls aren't flipped
• Water levels and Slipslide Ride are unflipped

Sorry for the huge screenshots.

*) Bonus levels have been left as they were.
Discord: vervalkon#5908

Raccoon Sam

Sorry for the double post, but the link has been fixed now :-[
Discord: vervalkon#5908