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Author Topic: Looking for volunteers to assist with Romancing Saga 1 Documentation  (Read 1599 times)


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Hi, completely new here, and this may not even be the right place to try.
I've noticed other people have placed their sales pitch posts here though so :)

A bit of background about myself:
I tried a blind playthrough of the SNES version of Romancing Saga 1 a while back, and ended up in an unwinnable game as I did way too much grinding and didn't recruit enough characters into my party, such that I didn't have the necessary locations to beat the game :). After checking the existing FAQ's for the SNES version on GameFAQ's, I've found that the available documentation for this game in English has some very definite gaps. I definitely would've liked to have access to more hard system data, actual spell effects, etc.

So the idea proposal.

I'm looking to see if there's enough interest and volunteers to assist in extracting the information from the Tiger's Den ( Specifically, I plan to pull the individual articles from the site and convert them to a rough draft in English. Volunteers would be required to assist in actually cleaning up these rough drafts by proofreading, suggestions for additional editor notes that may help clarify the original text or just outright rewriting certain portions, as well as pointing out any obvious stupid mistakes that may have crept in due to sleep deprivation. Just for the record, I don't speak Japanese, nor do I consider a translator by any stretch of the imagination. On the other hand, the articles on the Tiger's Den aren't Rocket Science either, and I'm fairly certain that rough drafts would be enough to get the point across. Well enough that no knowledge of moonspeak should be required to participate in this. The plan would be to start by picking off the low hanging fruit, the articles describing basic game mechanics and spells as well as the weapons pages listing weapon attack power + techs would be a good place to start.

Again, I would stress that I am NOT looking for people to handle translation work from Japanese to English. 95% of the content in the articles is straightforward, and we can deal with the remaining 5% at a later date. If you played RS1, loved the game, and would like to help document the game a little better in English, post up here, or PM me. Or maybe you're just really curious to know what all those articles on the Tiger's Den page are all about.

Note: I have no clue where the actual RS1 community is, so I'm just putting this call for volunteers all over.

For an example of a rough draft from the Tiger's Den, here's a draft of the Basics page:
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