An article on the official localization process

Started by ze10, October 04, 2013, 03:40:35 PM

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This is an interesting article where a XSEED production assistant tells how the localization process takes place. It's an interesting read, specially if you have no experience in the area (like me). Now, I understand a little more the hard work some of you guys have to do when translating games. =)


They're still doing translation text in Excel. (It burrrrrns us!)

I suppose it's an okay peek into the process for casual fans, especially on how bad the job can be expected to be. I'm so, so sorry for anyone who has to deal with ALL of that, though. The language and context issues are bad enough.
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All of the game translation I've done so far has been in Excel. I'm working on two separate projects right now (one eroge and one MMO) that are both in Excel.

It's kind of a pain, but I honestly can't think of a much better solution. Plus, the company I translate eroge for sets it all nice and neat for me in a google doc. All of the text for the game are set up there, organized properly in the order it would show up in the game. It's really nice.

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