Everybody LOVE Vincent Thread (Aka Robot Fans Hackers/Translator I Summon Thee)

Started by vincent_vincent, September 29, 2013, 07:58:21 AM

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OK here is the deal, we got translators and editors, we need hackers.
Lets stay away from SRW games as a start (it will be the goal at one point though) and get some smaller titles out of the way.

We are thinking about starting with something light like:
1- Getter Robo Daikessen (PSX)
2- 70's Robo Anime Geppy-X (PSX)

And maybe at some point Battle Robot Retsuden (SNES) its a favourite of mine but since it doesn't come up as much among the fans i think its not that popular so we will put it aside for now.

We are open for suggestions though.

And before you go pessimistic on this
Yeah, Because its just that simple.

This is a happy go lucky thread, Lets just all hope that something come out of this.
Our Vehicle is moving fast and we wanna hit the ground running so again NO pissing (Cheesy as hell but still go with the theme LOL).

NOW enthusiastic  fans (Who am i kidding, Hackers of course to be precise ), hit it.


I don't want to sound like the internet police, but this is most probably not the board to ask for collaborators.

Now, since you seem interested in translating but have no hacking skills (like myself), you could turn towards translating Gamecube games, which is plain and simple image editing actually.

Some games that you could take on and are kin to your mecha tastes could be:

- SD Gundam Gashapon Wars
- Mobile Suit Gundam: Pilots' Locus
- Gundam vs Z Gundam (yeah, it came out in the US, but this way you would have Japanese dub + English text)

At least the last two have a small amount of text in comparison to a SRW game.

Of course, picking any of these games to translate without hacking would mean you'd be forced to use Dolphin to play with the translated text. If you're not ok with that, forget I said anything.

Don't rule out learning to hack games by yourselves either, it's time consuming and hard, but it must have some charm, seeing as there's a big community of people doing it.

And if none of those options are for you, good luck finding available hackers, I would love to see the games you mentioned translated some day :thumbsup:


Hate to say it, but this doesn't seem like the greatest idea. Pardon the pun, but your super robot is likely to crash and burn. You're basically asking someone to do the work for you without doing much yourself. What you're asking for is unconditional love and support and for someone else to follow your dreams. Last time I checked, unless you're big brother or some other dictator, that's not likely to happen.