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Author Topic: Ace Attorney Inverstigation (2): Prosecutor's Path Case 1/2 and 3 RELEASE  (Read 14054 times)


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Thanks to GyakutenGodot and Mrichston for this coverart and SuperAj3 for the right one back on 2011 :)

Gyakuten Kenji 2
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path

Translation Patch Case 1/2 and 3.

1) What is this?
2) What it does??
3) How to patch it??
4) How to play it??
5) Know issues
6) Feedback
7) Future
8) I want to help with the translation
9) History
10) Licenses
11) Members and thanks

1) What is this?
This is the first public release for the patch of the game "Gyakuten Kenji 2" or "Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path" (yes, we dropped the 2 because earlier entries in the series never had a number in the title in English).
The Zip contains this readme file, the patch and the complete Artcover (front and back) that GyakutenGodot and Mrichston made.

2) What it does??
The patch translates all the common screens of the game (title screen, case selection screen, save screen, profile/evidence screen), all the text, all the graphics (yes, including backgrounds, sprites and even evidence) and all the voices (recycled the old voices when possible or dubbed by voice actors for the new characters) in English ONLY for case 1 / 2 and 3.
In other words, we eradicated all Japanese from the game and you would think you have a US release of the game in your hands.
The only japanese left in the game is the song at the beginning of case 3.
As bonus, it will remove the anti piracy protection so that you will not see only Borginian when you start the game.


3) How to patch it??
First of all you need the ROM of the game (don't ask us where to get it, Google is your friend).
Remember to keep a copy of the clean ROM for future patches (we have yet to decide if we will make a progressive patch or you will always need to use a clean ROM.
For this patch we offer you 2 patch formats:

For BEAT, choose the BEAT download link, decompress the patch, run BEAT, press "Apply patch", choose your .nds file and your .bps file, then "Patch" when you finish, play it on emu or transfer to your micro SD card.

For Xdelta, choose the Xdelta download link, decompress the patch, run Xdelta UI, select your ROM, select the patch, then "Patch" when you finish, play it on emu or transfer to your micro SD card.

For mac users:
MultiPatch is your friend to patch the ROM.

4) How to play it??
With emulator:
Desmume (win/mac) : the game runs fine without any known issues apart those descrived in 5)

No$gba (win): NO$GBA > Options> Emulation Setup, and then a window will open with all the emulation settings(as you might already know), then you just change the Reset/Startup Entrypoint from Start Cartridge directly to GBA BIOS(Nintendo logo) and then it works!

No$gba (win) alternative : after you applied the patch to the ROM, you need to encrypt it with the tool eNDryptS Advanced v1.2:

No$gba (mac): HERE

No$Zoomer (win): Start NO$Zoomer... After opening it, you simply have to go on NO$GBA > Options> Emulation Setup, and then a window will open with all the emulation settings(as you might already know), then you just change the Reset/Startup Entrypoint from Start Cartridge directly to GBA BIOS(Nintendo logo) and then it works!
Thanks Plaster Wright for this and the first No$gba option.

other emulators: unknown, feedback is welcome.

with flashcards:
Little is known about what flashcards are supporting the game and witch ones don't.
If your flashcard run the original ROM, there are good chances that it will run the patched as well (some exceptions are known to this)
You can try the patched ROM first and if it still doesn't work, try eNDryptS Advanced v1.2 after having applied the patch.

DSTWO play the game fine with the latest EOS
Acecard2i with Akio 1.19
R4 2013
Are confirmed flashcards running the game propely without having to use eNDryptS Advanced v1.2 and no issues apart the ones descrived in 5).

M3DSReal flashcard with quadboot: AP Active (no solution yet)

Feedback is welcome on this, too.

5) Know issues
a) One issue affecting your gameplay are the voice command (when you screem "Hold it" or "Objection" to your NDS), they seem broken.

B) A second issue is that when you load a savegame, it's possible that you will get an empty text box.
Don't be scared, the next text will show up as usual.
If you are on a cross examination, you can go forward and back and you will get the missing text.

C) Some older flashcards still activate the AP.

At the moment there are no other known issues.

Please report any problems you encounter when playing the game.

6) Feedback
Your feedback, corrections, suggestions etc... are naturally welcome.
When posting corrections / typos / text overflows, please be clear on where it happens and if possible with a screenshot.
If you have problems like freezes, glitches or messed up screens, please specify what configuration you are playing with:
emu/flashcard, version, OS and naturally where it happens.
You can give feedback on the thread where you downloaded this patch (on RHDN or GBATEMP) or per EMAIL:

Well, naturally we will translate all cases.
We will try to optimise the patch size (yes, at the moment they are a little bit big with 24MB Xdelta and 27MB with Beat).
Depending on your feedbacks we will try to make the patch more compatible with other flashcards (if possible).
There are some little tweaks on the plan (example a separate savegame file for the translation, a different icon and else).
We will try to make the whole patch more "easy" to be translated in other languages.

8) I want to help with the translation
This project is far from being finished so help is naturally welcome.
Graphics and sounds are already finished so we don't need any help there.
You can help if you are a good hacker for NDS because we still have some issues with the RAM management.
You can help if you have English as your first language and want to help correct / insert the text back into the game
(instructions and tools are given to you).
You can help if you are more or less fluent in Japanese and know the Ace Attorney series well.
You can apply by posting at Apply for a role in the Project.

9) History
09.03.2014 Case 1/2 and 3
17.09.2013 Case 1/2 beta patch
Summer 2013 Backtrack to original plans without ASM
Winter/ Spring 2012/2013 Try to fix memory problems
October 2012 Planned release but abbandoned because of ASM problems in case 2
Summer 2012 Finally much text translated
Winter/Spring 2011/2012 not really much
Fall 2011 I took the head of the project.
Summer 2011 My first draft of images in the game.
18 April 2011 First concrete discoveries
10 April 2011 Project Start (at least in the heads)

10) Licenses
Ace Attorney and all the names, material, graphics and sounds are trademarks of Capcom.
If you want to mirror the patch to your site, feel free to do so but please always attach this readme.txt with it.
Please don't release an already patched rom in anyway form and don't tell other people this is your work.

11) Members and thanks
Well the list here is long...very long, I hope I have not forgotten anybody (no special order):

If you worked with us but you not see your name in this list, don't be scared to PM me and I will add you.

Hacking/format discovery: Hackotedelaplaque, jjjewel, Henke37 and myself.

Tools: Hackotedelaplaque (Sprite and Text Studio), Henke37 (GKTool) and Whivel (AceFontII).

Translation: BigKlingy, Choky, N-Forza, Tanaka Houji, Runebearer, Jin, Dowolf, Bad Player, Mirii-chan
and kimchi314.

Localization / Text Insertion: Fatalfeline, Mrichston, Redjiggly, Junebug493, 6Toushiro9, Mracy, Gerkuman, Paladia, Jacunni, missyquints, Rollingball, FinalClipX, Aleister, Jorpho, Ginko, Etherealblade, Sorenwind, ChaosArgate, black imperator, Gameleon, j00m, mujie, Wolverfrog, SuperAj3, KneehighPark, RPGamer, bluebomber1815, Wellington2k, BlueOrb, Darksonic22, yuudachi, GyakutenGodot, Waffleman, Jamdy, Accord, mmcgeehin and AustinM11.

Voice editing/ Voice Insertion / Voice Actors: HanOnimous, Sempermania, Katya-Edgeworth, Sonicshadows, Byronic Hero, Negihyga90, Inverseman, Tivanenk, Zergrinch, PVHD, Crazed Ninjia, SLeon, Spario the endernerd (Wario), Fusionmaster, iViking, , MSAnemanja2/super saiyan, AJS, Bii, Wellington2K,Wuigi Draginite, ProZD and vi3trice.

Graphics Editing / Graphics Insertion: Mrichston, Secretmonster, Jinnai, Hamster, Percei, 6Toushiro9 and myself.

Cake Movie: Wellington2K and Mrichston

Testing / Debugging: Mrichston, Hackotedelaplaque, Choky, DarkSonic22, Rollingball, Henke37, Plastic Wright, Xalusc, Shiro9, Accord, FinalClipX, Hanonimous and myself.
A thanks to DeMatador, Tateyuki Shigaraki and Henke37 because those are the people that tried to start this project back in April 2011 even if they didn't know much about ROM hacking and a special thanks to the first 2 for letting me take over (involuntarily) the head of this project. Being at the head of such a big project and big group is equaly an honor as an hard work.
Some other people that didn't work directly on the project but still was around for decisions or supports:
Permafry_42, Lusankya and all that helped in anyway (example all those people that helped choose the names of the characters in the game).

Thanks to all the people that supported us in this project since the beginning (or later on :) ) and thanks to all the fan that gave us the energy to continue this work.
Naturally thanks to Capcom for making the game.

Have fun

BEAT Download link:

Xdelta Download link:

Please leave this thread clean!!
Only thanks or feedback are allowed in this thread.

PS: I am sorry if I didn't use the submission feature, it's just way to complicated especially if I got already all created in the link and example the readme already packed inside the patch file.

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Re: Ace Attorney Inverstigation (2): Prosecutor's Path Case 1/2 RELEASE
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2013, 08:00:08 am »
You got a few smilies that you didn't ask for...


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Re: Ace Attorney Inverstigation (2): Prosecutor's Path Case 1/2 RELEASE
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2013, 07:04:04 pm »
Awesome, I have been waiting for this! Thank You to your whole team for all the work up until this point. Keep it up!


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Re: Ace Attorney Inverstigation (2): Prosecutor's Path Case 1/2 RELEASE
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2013, 12:49:50 pm »
It warms my heart to know that fans would go to all the effort to do this. I can't wait to check this out.


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Well, as the modified title shows, the newes patch is out :)

Have fun


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How many cases are there in this one, 4 or 5?
All my posts are merely personal opinions and not statements of fact, even if they are not explicitly prefixed by "In my opinion", "IMO", "I believe", or similar modifiers. By reading this disclaimer you agree to reply in spirit of these conditions.


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It seems that the patch is complete now!
This topic needs to be updated.