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Replacing files in a PSX .bin/.cue?

Started by Shin`, September 15, 2013, 06:22:58 PM

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So i'm working on a little personal project, swapping USA FMV's with the JPN FMV's that contain vocals as opposed to the USA's bgm. Now I can't for the life of me figure out how to swap files out...anyone know a good program to do that?


I do have to note that when it comes to this sort of swap it is one of the few times you might face issues if the BGM and such is all there is (memory limitations were tight so the full wave/compressed audio stuff might have been lost or not called). Still it is worth a go.

The PS1 was mostly (it happened more in the PS2 but some games did read raw sectors/DMA rather than filesystem, various reasons for it including AP, maybe some speed bonuses and anti rip) iso 9660 type layout and bin/cue is but a minor tweak on that. Anything that edits normal PC style bin/cue should do though depending upon the program you use you may end up converting to a more standard iso format (the PS1 was a time of flux for disc formats with the scene in not much better shape so there are a variety of them used in PS1 rips), sadly the freeware side of things here (burning sure, extracting fine, mounting sure but not proper editing) is somewhat lacking so most will end up using something like ultraiso, magiciso or poweriso.


I've rebuilt a bin and it works until after the logos then it freezes may have something to do with this lba thing would it not?


FMV is typically encoded in Mode 2, which most CD archive programs don't support.  You'll have to find a utility that's more specific to the PSX to make this work.