Kirby's Adventure hack DreamTool translated

Started by UraKn0x, September 12, 2013, 01:53:43 PM

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Hello everyone !
I'm glad to present you a Kirby's Adventure hacking tool : DreamTool

DreamTool, originally created by Neo (, was translated by myself from Japanese.
Download link :
Please read the Readme file before asking here =)

Sorry for bad translations, but my English is bad. And don't talk about my Japanese, I had to Google Translate every time... ^_^

I'll maybe update it later for better translations and bugfixes. Please send issues at

I'll probably post DreamTool tutorial here.

Good hacking !


Now this is cool! 8)

I'll try it out later on tonight when I'm free, I remember years ago when people tried to hack this game & couldn't because if I can remember Kirby's Adventure had some kinda compression to it...


Heh, that's the same person that created the Kirby's Dream Course editor that mine was somewhat inspired by. Nice to see some of their other stuff get some attention :D

I'll have to check this out.


Awesome stuff. I hope someone translates the GB Kirby's Dreamland 2 stages to the Famicom with this!


Currently trying to port this tool to Qt to fix layout problems. But the original code is horrible, I think it would take a long time to adapt the code... Check this topic for news and updates.