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Locating program "ADX Frontend v2"

Started by StarkNebula, September 08, 2013, 07:55:26 PM

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By any chance does anyone have a copy of a program called "ADX Frontend v2"? It's a 2009 WAV to ADX converter made by MUGEN Fighters Guild's Jesse. It was once hosted on MegaUpload and is now nowhere to be found and the creator has not been active in 2 years. Would anyone happen to have a copy/backup of it somewhere to have it reposted to the internet?


I was never much into that side of DC hacking and when ADX/AHX made a return later I used other stuff ( , and ), however reading up on it the program is just a frontend for adxencd.exe which is far more readily found ( ).
I can certainly appreciate the need for a good frontend, and that one looks like it simplifies looping which instantly makes it more useful than a plain frontend.
It seems my search engine skills were superior this day and found a few downloads which led me to , I reupped it to a site I control.
I can not promise that link will stay up for long but I will probably have a copy if it is down and you hit me up.

It did not ping my AV and seemed to work OK, I lack the time right now to properly test it though.