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Author Topic: Help me learn how to translate ROMs :)  (Read 1991 times)


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Help me learn how to translate ROMs :)
« on: September 23, 2013, 10:33:45 pm »
Hi! ^^ Im currently trying to learn how to HEXedit text in roms but im no good at it.
I tried to HEXedit the "BS Zelda - Third quest" hack ( Google it and you find the patched rom ).
And I starded off by creating two different savefiled.
On one savefile I named Link "ABCDEFG" the othe one was named "GFEDCBA".

Then I compared both savefiles within Hex workshop and found the hexvalues for "ABCDEFG" in the first line.
And by trying out 255 diffenet hexvalues I managed to build a table for English symbols.

Most of the white hexvalues gave me either blank or japanese symbols.

 Now my problem is that is that I dont find anything using this table even though I can totally use it to create a name for Link even with different symbols and fonts than whats available in the actuall game.

 When writing your name in the game you are only able to use the
 letters within values 10-1F and 30-3A ( 3A is blank).
 For other symbols (-., and !') and numbers the values are 5E-6D.

So im pretty sure values B0-CA (Lowercase letters) are used for text strings in the game together with the uppercase symbols within 71-8A. The font seems to be the same.

But still im not able to find anything. I have been trying to search for Ganon by Searching for 77B1BEBFBE and other stuff as well with no luck.
Im stuck.. Anyone wanna give me a hand here?


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Re: Help me learn how to translate ROMs :)
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2013, 01:32:43 am »
Games can use different tables for different text.

But honestly what you are looking for might be an unusual case.
BS Zelda did not have a save system originally (at least not a standard one), so the entire save menu and opening sequence was added in by other ROM hackers.

Try looking at the actual part of the game you are trying to hack. Make a savestate (it is recommended to use ZSNES because it is uncompressed) at the text. Open the savestate in a tile editor (I use WindHex because it can automatically hide ZSNES headers so the tiles line up nicely in its built-in editor). Look for the font. Make a relative search based on the order of the font you see there.
(if you use PageUp and PageDown to scroll one page at a time, so for a SNES 2bpp mode the address is a multiple of $1000, you can often try making a table based on looking at the font. As in, the top row is characters 0-0F, the next row is 10-1F, and so on.)
Especially when a game uses 8x8 pixel font. Of course, that's not always true but it's a good idea to make a first guess by looking for hex characters in that order. Though you may want to try that method with a word that's not used a lot, and don't mix upper/lowercase, to make less guess and check work.)
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Re: Help me learn how to translate ROMs :)
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2013, 07:41:14 am »
thank you very much ^^ I will try that and see what I hav make out of it