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Started by, August 31, 2013, 05:52:53 PM

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I'm brand new and I accidentally made my screen name my email. I thought it wanted me to add my email twice to confirm it. I feel dumb for making this mistake lol... Is there anyway that you could remove the "" part please?  :-[


Unfortunately, no there doesn't seem to be.
If, under Account Settings in your Profile, "Displayed Name" does not allow you to change it (I think it supposed to be disabled for regular users due to a potential for abuse), then mods can't.
I don't know if Nightcrawler or Staff has the ability to change it. If not, then you'd be stuck.

But in the future, it would be better to discuss such questions directly with a mod by sending a PM by clicking the Profile of the mods listed in the notice bar at the top of the forum page.
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