Is it possible to switch/modify color palette on Moon Patrol (MAME)?

Started by cospefogo, August 30, 2013, 05:52:48 PM

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Hello, guys!

The title speaks by itself.
Is it possible to modify the color palette on Moon Patrol?

The arcade game could look awesome if it was possible to
modify the colors. For a lunar game, that shock light green is
so... so... not lunar at all!

So, I have two ideas:

The first one would be to just exchange the color of the
graphics using the very own palette. Just switching
the object colors. Replace the green color for other
color already used in the graphics, something like that.

The second one is to import new colors inside the rom.
Modify/replace the game colors for new ones, some
really nice brown and gray lunar hues. Maybe turn the
game more similar as to its version on Atari 5200.

Do you think it is possible?
I tried to find any tool capable to handle MAME rom hacking
but I was not lucky in my search.



Hack with very own game palette, just replacing the green and the orange.

Hack with Atari5200 colors:


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Answering my own question, it looks like every arcade rom has its graphics compressed on a singular way, differently from each other (or at least, each publisher/company had its own method). So, it is not simple or easy to uncompress a arcade game rom without writing/creating tools for decompress it too. Am I right? Maybe this is why there is no arcade hacking tools available anywhere!

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