Cool Cool Jam - Neo Geo Pocket - English Translation

Started by wyndcrosser, July 29, 2013, 06:05:51 PM

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Folks, here's another run at the start of an English Translation for a unreleased to the states Neo Geo Pocket Color title.

The game is about playing music and creating a band of characters to play with you.

This is just the download to Dreamcast screen, I think I'll do all the menu's first, then the actual gameplay, instead of skipping around.

The game has about 4 main text tables, due to the fact that you turn the handheld in various directions while playing certain instruments. Pretty neat actually.

Vague Rant

This looks fantastic, good luck with it. Cool Cool Jam is something I've wanted to play since trying the demo for the unreleased English version. Out of interest, was the sample ROM any use to you for comparison, or have you been working from scratch?
I've got nothing to say, but it's OK.


Any sample rom I download, I don't see any English. So, I think I may have downloaded bad Roms. Where does the English start? I just found a working copy, there's like numerous "Sample (U)" games that are actually just the japanese version lol.

Yup, from scratch.


This is 1 of the most underrated games of its generation and would find a real audience, I hope.  Good luck!