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Final Fantasy VII Easy Type idea

Started by InfamousKnight, August 24, 2013, 10:10:45 PM

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What if all the enemies and bosses in FF7 were not immune to poison? If anyone could figure out how thats done, that would be nice. I could take a look at Q-Gears before school starts but thats just an engine. Not so much the games source code. Or any details on the game. As popular as this game is, there should be some document out there.


As if the game isn't already ridiculously easy.


Oh yeah? You thought this was unnecessary, someone made a Final fantasy mystic quest easy type. That game requires you to hold the action button for just about everything. For the boss fights, you just keep the party healed. With this easy type, you have to poision the enemies to speed things up. So it'll be like a speed run easy type.