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Megaman 5 Boss Pallet(s) Help.

Started by Gavzila, August 21, 2013, 09:44:14 PM

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The Pallet(s) that I'm talking about, is the Pallet(s) that the game uses when one of the Bosses are doing there little intro dance. I'm guessing it's in one of the Sprite Banks, but, I don't have enough experience with Nintendo Programming to figure it out by itself.

Can someone tell me what I'm looking for? Sure, I can look for the pallet numbers, but that can't be THAT reliable. (I.E 0F, 16, 20, 0)


I think in most Megaman games, the Robot Master palettes are always at the 4th set of palette on the 2nd row IF you look at the debugger of FCEUX PPU viewer. With WindHex, trace the hex values (with hex search) then try changing those palettes by changing the hex values & see if the Robot Master's palette changes colors.

kuja killer

2EC5A-2EC61: Gravity
2EC62-2EC69: Wave
2EC6A-2EC71: Stone
2EC72-2EC79: Gyro
2EC7A-2EC81: Star
2EC82-2EC89: Charge
2EC8A-2EC91: Napalm
2EC92-2EC99: Crystal


Holy crap! I was just looking for this exact info! That's one to-do marked off my list  :thumbsup: