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Bases Loded 1 hitting question

Started by mnhacker, August 18, 2013, 03:21:54 PM

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Has anyone else hacked this game

I want to figure out if the no.4 players are given a power boost (hard coded)
If I play 20 games - my clean up hitter will have 10 home runs and everyone else has 1 a piece

I've found just about everything in this game and nothing seems to explain power - the players have one byte that is *maybe* related to hitting


Disclaimer, I haven't dug through the hex yet. Other games store stats adjacent to player names; it doesn't seem to me Bases Loaded does.

But in the other baseball games I've looked at (Baseball Stars, RBI Baseball, Baseball Simulator), a hitter's power is usually controlled by 6 bytes. 2 bytes for Average, 2  Bytes for power and 2 bytes for accuracy. These bytes are almost always flipped, so a batting average of .302 (#$12E) is usually stored in hex as #$2E01. Power is usually much higher than average, anywhere from #$0A28 to #$04B0 (650 to 1200 decimal). The higher the values for power and average, the better the hitter.

The third value controls a batter's accuracy. If the ball isn't struck cleanly, the accuracy value is subtracted from the power value. These accuracy values usually run from #$00 to #$32 (0 to 50 in decimal).

Every game is different, but hopefully I'm flickering a flashlight into the dark abyss of this hex.

I'll also mention (since it took me so long to figure out) that most baseball games (as they're made in Japan) store pitch speed as kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.


I've tweeked this games for years (and other BB games)
There doesn't seem to be any of the values you mention

This is Harris of BOS
50-LH/RH facial hair
0A-running speed
09-corresponds to position - doesnt seem to change anything except for bench players
00-only thing this changes for sure is bat placement for certain batting stances
2103-batting avg (321)
00-batting stance
00-charge mound if beaned
01-dont know most players have 00 here
9A-jersey number
0100-pointer to name

set a breakpoint at 03 (hitting) and the game never snaps