Screwed by hacker on pc doujin game translation project: A cry for help

Started by Piotyr, August 17, 2013, 01:01:11 PM

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Hello, I am currently in the process of translating a Kunio fan game and we have everything we need I just need to shove the dialog in there... Except the hacker says I do no work and he snuck a 2000% speed hack in there without me knowing (I only dealt with the menus in my grunt work so I didn't go in game to check). I need someone to figure out how he did it and revert it to normal or maybe hack his patch. Can someone help a poor project manager out?
The games a fan game and free to anyone so I am allowed to post this I think
Edit two: Replaced with fixed link
If anyone can help I would be so glad, otherwise I a sol.

The patch is in lazpat

Edit: I found the issue with some help, in the .txt file Patch_Misc.txt, I will leave this post tho so maybe people can look in there and find if he changed anything else.
Edit two: replaced the file linked with the fixed version so at least those who took interest can download and have a little fun.