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Edit Genesis palette?

Started by MathUser2929, August 16, 2013, 10:38:15 AM

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I've edited NES palette's many times but have never altered Genesis palettes before. I looked for tools, I found Hivepal and a SOR palette editor (right here on RHDN). So how do I edit Genesis palettes? The game I am trying to edit is Double Dragon for Genesis.


First, you have to find the palette. Using a debugging emulator like RegenD, GensKMod, or Exodus, load up the rom and play until the palette you wanna change is displayed. Load up the VDP debugging window, dump the CRAM (which holds the palette data of the 4 palettes), select the palette you wanna change, then use a hex editor to see if you can find it in the ROM.

But as with most things, it's not always that easy!

What palette are you trying to change, I could have a little look when I get back to my real computer.


From what I remember, Linda and one of the thugs have yellow hair and it's supposed to be brown I think. There might be another enemy with yellow hair who shouldn't have yellow hair, but I can't remmeber for sure. Anyway, I'm trying to change those cause it bothers me. It makes them look quite different from the arcade game.


True that. I wonder what other things use the yellow in that palette though?  Could be interesting/horrific!


It would still probably be worth changing tho.


I extracted the palette data, but it doesn't appear in the ROM anywhere. Found a match on the first 8 bytes, but not in the whole palette,  so you'd have to get out the tracer/debugger.