[SMB3 Hack] Royal Flush - Princess Sidestory

Started by Darkdata, October 29, 2013, 12:44:56 AM

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Royal Flush - Princess Sidestory

So, this hack was born out of wanting to do something with the SMB3 disassembly. Unfortunately as I get older I find that I have less time for hobbies, and also more of a desire to work with things from the ground up.

So more than likely this is the last big (yeah, like one world is big :v) ROM-hack I'm going to do. I did have fun though, and creating the new power-ups was a blast!

So gameplay wise: Hold UP/DOWN while you have your BOMB POWERUP. If you shoot with it held up or down, the bomb will arc higher or lower. You can also do this while jumping.

PS: The special 'shrooms were hacks of the unused stage card sprites. If you are using the level editor that comes with the disassembly, you can edit the names in the XML file for easy access.

You should also edit the XML file to enable the invisible blue P-Switch coins, as they are not available by default for some reason.

Anyway, I hope people enjoy the hack and have fun!