Are you ranked high in the list of a game?

Started by Yoshistar95, August 08, 2013, 03:10:25 PM

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There are many sites who keeps track of new records from players of a game, some make new WRs, others places themselves high in the ranking list.

Is there anyone who is very good in a game and knows his/her position?

I'm ranked pretty high in Mario Kart 64 on both charts, Non-Shortcut 179th (and rising) Shortcut 188th (and rising). Those are overall positions, it only tells the average of your progress, but getting that high requires a lot of effort of all tracks. And I don't have a full set of times in the SC chart yet (like many others).

Currently I'm holding a record of Frappe Snowland 3lap Shortcut which places me 9th in the world, 2nd in my country (#1 happens to be a WR). But only 10 players (includes me) have managed to get the highest Standard (or title) of Frappe Snowland 3lap Shortcut and I'm the 10th player who reached God level (don't ask).
Today set a 2nd God time in the same track in SC but then for fastest lap, 6.27 PAL (5.21 NTSC) which is good for 25th in the world with a NTSC player.

My best position in the Non-Shortcut chart is also Frappe Snowland, but in 49th position and I'm currently not good enough to reach God level there (currently Legend B).

The website is:
Here you can find any information about the game and the current WRs, also a forum is there (link to it at the homepage!)

That's my story, I've joined the rankings in February this year at around 700th NonSC (SC about 300) and therefore I sucked at the game (I had records which were not even close to Top 500!)
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I'm ranked relatively high in Mass Effect 3 multilayer (15k, out of 400k or so). I'm also ranked high in Tekken 6 (though I never cracked the top 100 overall). My brother and I at one point were ranked in the top 1,000 in every mercenaries map on Resident Evil 6.

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That's pretty good :)

New update has come yesterday and I lost 2 positions in SC (190), but gained 10 places in NonSC (169).
Also something went wrong with some times from the former NSC Champion, he has some WRs wrong and 2nd place seems be no longer his current...
He was champion for nearly 10 years, in the period 2003-2013 we had a Dutch champion, but some epic moments has occured (lots of WRs swap) and now a German has taken over the crown. I wonder if he gets beaten one day... but it's very rare that the champion gets beaten these days :D 15 years back it was an usual happening...

I don't have submitted my new SC records yet, but I will reach Top 100 soon if I improve my final weak SC records which is about 3 years old and it's about time to catch up my skills in this (back then I had luck getting a big cut, 1/3 succes)
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