Does anyone knows how to replace sprites? (From Super Mario Bros. 2)

Started by speednick0, August 03, 2013, 09:27:44 PM

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Well, also, im new here, so sorry if there is something wrong, haha

But, iv been searching for 3 days for how to replace the sprites (Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach) from Super Mario Bros. 2 to my own characters.

Iv  been searching everywhere, but i can't find anything! D:

If someone has any suggestions or tips or sites or anything whats helpful, please send it, i would be very happy!!

Here is the sprites of the running animation (+ Holding and throwing) from my character Joseline:

Plus a small animation i did of the character select: (Not editted yet)


Heys!  :D I recommend this utility: YY-CHR

It displays the tiles of sprites & background. The tiles are arranged in a pattern. To better acquaint yourself to that utility, find Mario's sprite tiles & try arranging the tiles like a jigsaw puzzle.

To better view the tile patterns, you should use a NES emulator, like FCEUX. Load the game & find the Debug menu > PPU viewer. The PPU viewer lets you view the tiles from what YY-CHR displays.


Sprites are at 0x20010 in NES 2bpp.  Closest pattern in yy-chr (.NET) is the FC/NES x16, but it's not exact.  Maybe I'm just not familiar enough with it or maybe the C++ version is better.

If you use Tile Molester instead, you can do this:
1. View->Codec to 2bpp planar, composite
2. Enable View->Row Interleave
3. Set View->Block Size->Custom to 2 columns, 4 rows.
(Optional: Set Image->Canvas Size to 2 columns)

You'll have to do some piecework because the sprites are optimized for space.


If you don't know how to hack roms, then you can try the graphics replacement feature of my emulator:

Beware that other emulators do not support this feature.


Also, your sprites contain too many colors. Remember that sprites can only use three colors and a transparency. SMB2 sprites are a bit special in that they use two sprites (one for the eyes) similar to what Capcom did with Megaman.


In addition to Satoshi_Matrix's post, your sprites are too large.  At most, the playable character sprites in SMB2 can only be 16 pixels wide and 32 pixels tall without rewriting the rendering code.


however, it is a good start. You just need to simply and shrink your sprites, but not change them too much. The frames are correct.

Unless you were talking about hacking the Super Mario All Stars version of SMB2?