I have a hard time finding the correct monologues (hyrule magic)

Started by Jandazekon, July 16, 2013, 03:17:38 AM

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I am tired of searching after the right monologue text for the right npc.
There are 386 text rows total. I need a list pointing towards npcs to different monolgue numbers.
Screenshots where the npc is and the number of the monologue of it.

Here is an example of what i mean:




lol, screenshots of every NPC.

meanwhile, back in reality...  Hyrule Magic has a list of the monologues under "Monologue" in its main menu listing.  now, these unfortunately aren't searchable, so use EvilGiegue's text dump as a searchable reference:


the lines seem to be in the same relative order of their monologue #s, though the credits' text is tacked onto the end.

so you:
- Ctrl+F that dialogue dump.
- make a mental note of the *approximate* dialogue # based on where your vertical scrollbar ends up.
- start looking at around that dialogue # in the Hyrule Magic listing, until you find the exact one.

you can also try using the .TBL file available there to dump it yourself.  if it doesn't skip the gibberish lines (e.g. 000 - 003, and 006 - 012) as the above dump did, and if you use a text editor that tells you the line number you're currently on, you'll be able to find the exact dialogue # that much quicker.


I don't know the monologue numbers of these messages:
Thank you, Link.I had a feeling you were getting close.

Link, listen carefully.The wizard is magically controlling all the soldiers in the castle. I fear the worst for my father... The wizard is an inhuman fiend with strong magical powers! ... ... ... Do you understand? (Yes / Not at all)

All right,let's get out of here before the wizard notices.I know a secret path, but first we have to go to the first floor.Let's go!
I am working on a alttp rom.


028 , 037, 036 .  those were all on the first page of Monologues accessible from Hyrule Magic's main menu.


Quote from: assassin on July 17, 2013, 01:55:15 AM
028 , 037, 036 .  those were all on the first page of Monologues accessible from Hyrule Magic's main menu.


no prob.


i got bored, dumped both text blocks with Thingy, then made a little program to prepend line numbers.  the control codes will be different than what's in Hyrule Magic (and likely less accurate), so don't try to paste any of that into the editor.  it's just for reference.


Now i don't need monologue screenshots.
I will change monologues as i progress the game.
The last monologues i will change are the end game credits staff roll.


that file doesn't have the Credits (nor does Hyrule Magic include them in its list), but i'll add 'em onto the end eventually.


I always have to reset the rom and make a new game playing from the beginning only to see edited monologues correctly. A complete waste of time because i struggle with:







have you tried saving your game, resetting, and loading from a normal save file (i.e. the SRM's data), instead of using savestates?


Reset don't work in zsnes. I have to click the .SMC file again. Create a new game savegame slot.
Then i can see all changes properly.


All the monologues are included in the save state, so if you change them, no save states are allowed. You must reload the smc in the emu, and then start the game normally, so that the srm is being loaded. So you'll start at the last saved srm location (no need to start a new game).


here's one with better control codes:

they're not identical to what Hyrule Magic calls them, but still more accurate than my file.