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DOS programs and DosBox

Started by translat0r, July 20, 2013, 01:36:58 PM

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I did a forum search for "DosBox" but couldn't find anything pertaining to this. I tried downloading the programs patchrom and ROMJuice from the utilities page. It says that these are DOS programs, but they wouldn't work on DosBox ("this program cannot be run in DOS mode"). I have a Mac. Is there anything I can do?

I am really not very good with technology – I thought translating things would be as easy as just editing text, but I was wrong!


You have found the general confusion between DOS mode applications (which require the DOS OS) and command line applications (which many simple DOS applications were).

What you really found is Windows applications that use the console subsystem. You can likely find either an OSX build or the source code where you found the Windows build. Use that instead.


Oh, I see...the best (only?) programs for this sort of thing seem to be for Windows anyway, so I'm currently trying to install X11 so that I can use Wine.

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You can run commandline win32 programs in DOS with the HX-DOS extender.But beware LFN is not available in DOSBox.