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MegaMan In St. Canard (MM1 hack demo...)

Started by Googie, July 11, 2013, 07:01:33 PM

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I released a demo not too long ago on Board 2's Uploader, so far Bombman, Gutsman, Cutman & Elecman's levels are hacked so play 'em in that order. Try not to die on Bombman's level cause the checkpoint is ruined so use a savestate but the level is not hard at all, NetSplit been a big help with this hack he did an AsM hack for it when Megaman climbs up & hits a solid object in Gutsman's level.

Screen time!

Bombman - Megavolt's level

Gutsman - Bridge, Quackerjack's level

Cutman - Bushroot's level

Elecman - Moliarty's level

And here's the patch...

I hope you guys enjoy this demo, there's still work that needs to be done to it but hopefully it'll be done by this year. :D


I'm guessing this was inspired by the "Rockman 5" Darkwing Duck pirate?
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Ugh, don't remind me of that pirate, I actually played through it back in the days lol! :banghead:

DragonsBrethren helped me with the graphics, if I remember right this hack was inspired by that pirate cart. The scene needs a MM1 hack with Darkwing Duck graphics in it. :D