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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: GG

Started by Eternal248, July 11, 2013, 01:21:20 PM

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Hello Romhackers, as I think a few of you may (or may not) remember, I've been working on a rebalance of FFTA- a game that many people seem to think is totally unsalvageable, haha. The project is nearly completed, and is currently undergoing public beta testing. The goal of this project was far-reaching: make FFTA rebalanced and more interesting while making the gameplay and enemy AI feel more like FFT, and I feel that our team has succeeded at this!

I'm posting here because I don't feel comfortable releasing a 1.0 release until the entire game has been tested. So far, the game has been beta tested through Exodus. I'm simply in need of more people willing to help test things out and give feedback, since my life has become extremely busy lately, so I'm hoping you guys can help! :)

The abridged changelog is as follows:

-Laws have been removed.
-All enemy levels scale with the party.
-AP Costs have been reduced.
-Abilities and items have been rebalanced.
-Enemies now have smarter AI and much better setups.
-The party limit has been evened out for most fights. Yes, this means that there are quite a few one-on-one battles now. Make versatile units to handle them!
-Monsters are quite a bit more deadly, with many of them having new Reaction and Support abilities.
-Bosses have higher HP, elemental affinities, and different skillsets.
-MP Regeneration is removed. Ethers, the new Osmose and Steal MP skills, and Absorb MP are your friends!
-Six new jobs which replace old ones: Bard, Green Mage, Samurai, Myrmidon, Reaver, and Mediator.
-Less saturated graphics.
-Post-game rematch with Llednar, Queen Remedi, and Li-Grim.
-New clan setups for Clan Dip and the Doned Faction.
-Thundrakes/Goblins no longer go extinct- one can be found in certain random clan fights.

The complete changelog (which I highly advise that you read, as in-game descriptions are a pain to change right now) as well as the patch can be found on FFTA GG's home forum here.

You can also follow one of our community's FFTA GG playthrough on his channel here.

Known bugs are as follows:
-The Bard's Paeon skill doesn't restore MP correctly.
-Maintenance somehow grants the user Dual Wielding instead of protecting against Steals/Breaks.

Attached to this post is the patch. Enjoy, give feedback, and videos/screenshots are always welcome. I can't wait until I can submit the 1.0 version!
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