Decoding/unpacking assets for Jonny Quest - Cover-up at Roswell

Started by Zeality, July 09, 2013, 10:14:13 PM

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Old thread's disappeared, but I'm still hoping to get some guidance on this. The assets for this game, and presumably any key to playing around with it lie in the format of of a few extensionless files on the game disc. There's a file for each mission, which contains the music, art assets, and even the event coding (some of which is in plaintext).

I'm not sure how the mission files are jammed together. The header starts with RIFX (suggesting Rifftrax), but RIFX appears again later, which leads me to my next statement. Based on the occurrence of a lot of extensions at the top of the file, I'm guessing the "header" just describes the location of all the assets and their extension, and the bulk of the file is all of these simply run together. I am still a complete idiot bereft of skill when it comes to actual technical hacking know-how, so if anyone could take a look at a sample file, it'd be amazing: