Need ASM help - Kawa no Nushi Tsuri - Legend Of The River King for NES!

Started by mrrichard999, July 07, 2013, 03:23:06 PM

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I honestly got no clue about that :p Im sure it will come out fine. Worst case, work with what you can Im sure it will turn out ok.


There's no max of tiles for each fish. Fish names end with D0, and if we need more space overall, we'd need to find out the offset of the names data (along with the offsets table) and move it somewhere else. Making the window wider would probably be a hassle, and don't you think 17 characters for a fish name is quite reasonable?


The section where the animal names start off at 1F4FE TO 1F56F and the fish start from 14F7E TO 150B6.


Okay, at last I got one. I hate the MMC3 mapper with its half banks quirkiness. I found out where the pointer to the fish names is located. This means we can relocate the data to unused space and have our way. It's not completely settled, since there's still the lack of actual screen real estate to tackle...

Do you have any other data or pointer to share? How about the dialogs? Or item names? Or any other content, like tools, food, shops, etc....

I have another question. I looked at the fish names text file. While I'm no fish specialist, I find some translation rather bizarre. Sometimes, there are two translations, and the two don't seem to have any link. For example, one is translated as "sculpin", but apparently, the "correct" name is "yellowtail tuna"? Anyway, assuming we can technically make the entire window space available for fish names, I think all of them would fit. But if we can't for some reason, then we will have to make some sacrifices. I think the longest name is "LONG-ARMED SHRIMP", which falls at the limit of 17 characters...


Ok, here is everything for the most part

the ending is 11AD8-11BF1 & 11E36-11EB0
Password Screen is 137B7-137E7
Mini Dialogue is - 14C7F-14F40
Intro is - 17160-1727C
Main Dialogue is - 1920A-19C44
More Mini Dialogue - 1A7B2-1A9C8
SHOP Listings - 1AF0D-1B49B
TOOLS & FOOD - 1B502-1B565


QuoteFor example, one is translated as "sculpin", but apparently, the "correct" name is "yellowtail tuna"? Anyway, assuming we can technically make the entire window space available for fish names, I think all of them would fit. But if we can't for some reason, then we will have to make some sacrifices. I think the longest name is "LONG-ARMED SHRIMP", which falls at the limit of 17 characters...

As a big natural history geek that description is way out by a long chalk.  A Sculpin is pretty small compared to Yellowfin Tuna and look nothing like them. 

I'm guessing there is a description and picture to go with it in game that you won't see when looking through the text in ROM.
A log of some kind.
. Videuss (Youtube)
it's not the official way and relies on luck\randomized placement of bears. USC


Both fish are in the game and yes they do look different. The game has not been fully translated because of the fish name issue. I can not figure it out. And why extending the names would mess up the map or cause some glitches I do not know why or how to get around those issues. Maybe somewhere along the line, someone smarter than me will figure out the problem.


I'm in process of doing it. But to do ASM efficiently, it's better to have maximum knowledge of the game, obviously. Fish names should not be a problem: you have 29B (667) unused bytes at the end of the bank. If you want to extend the Intro text data, you're pretty much screwed. Bank 6 has ample unused bytes...

Ending         11AD8 - 11BF1 & 11E36 - 11EB0   Bank 4a
Password Screen      137B7 - 137E7         Bank 4b
Mini Dialogue      14C7F - 14F40         Bank 5a
Intro         17160 - 1727C         Bank 5b
Main Dialogue      1920A - 19C44         Bank 6a
More Mini Dialogue   1A7B2 - 1A9C8         Bank 6b
SHOP Listings      1AF0D - 1B49B         Bank 6b
TOOLS & FOOD      1B502 - 1B565         Bank 6b


Free Space

Bank 4a      11F82 - 11FFF   7E bytes (126)
Bank 4b      13FAB - 13FFF   55 bytes (85)
Bank 5a      15D65 - 15FFF   29B bytes (667)
Bank 5b      17FDE - 17FFF   22 bytes (34)
Bank 6a      19D80 - 19FFF   280 bytes (640)
Bank 6b      1B985 - 1BBDF   25B bytes (603)

Food names need work, obviously, but the space on screen is also very limited. Making the Status window wider would be interesting. Having the word "Bread" written as "Bred" or "Brd" is not cool. There is some Boxes Tile Mappings at 0x1EEB6...

Here is the reason why your current fish names are truncated in the English version. Just before the data for the fish names, at 0x14F6E, there is a table of offsets to the data. The offsets are from different base addresses depending on the current map. The table looks like this:

Offsets to Text Data for Fish Names (3B bytes)

14F33: 00 04 08 0D 13 18 1C 21 2B 30 36 3F   Fish Names Map 1 (C bytes)
14F3F: 00 04 07 0C 11 16 1A 1F 25 2A 2F 35   Fish Names Map 2 (C bytes)
14F5A: 00 06 0D 12 17 1D 23 26 2B 30 38 3E   Fish Names Map 3 (C bytes)
14F57: 00 03 07 12 18 1D 25 29 2C 30 35 3A   Fish Names Map 4 (C bytes)
14F63: 00 06 0B 11 16 1B 1F 23 27 2C 30      Fish Names Map 5 (B bytes)

So if you catch Fish Type 2 in Map 1 (kajika), you get: 14F6E + 08 = 14F76. The text data for Fish Type 2 is at 14F76...


Were good for the intro and the ending. Dialogue is actually good too for the space we had to work with for the most part.



Not sure yet, its been quiet for the past few days. Trax & Dizzy9 been working to find a solution to expanding the names.


The problem of the Fish names is solved. Animal names offsets are at 0x1F4D8 (16 bytes), and animal names data is at 0x1F4EE (75 bytes). It's bank 7b. Bank 7b has 18E bytes of unused space starting at 0x1FE42. You can relocate the Animal names there...

There are some Menu Boxes Tile Mappings at 0x1EEB6. It's for the 3 types of Command Boxes (general, fishing, fighting). There's also the Yes/No Box. These boxes can certainly be resized, if we can find the pointers that point to the data. We need to spare some of the 18E bytes in Bank 7b for that...

As for tools and food, the problem is not free space. Banks 6a and 6b both have plenty of free space. The problem is screen space. We could widen the tools box 2 tiles (and move it 2 tiles to the left) and keep it aesthetically pleasing. To widen a box, we need a pointer to its data. To move it, we need to find out where its starting PPU address is loaded...

The hardest part is still not solved: find a way to type an extra line when a fish is caught/escape/freed. That's the only way we can have longer fish names. Having only the fish's name typed in the first line would be easy to perform, but would it look okay as a translation? I think it would look awkward. And the problem is even harder because the sentence's syntax changes according to the outcome. If you catch the fish, you would get "You caught [fish name] Blahblah". But if the fish escaped, then the sentence would start with the fish name, like "[fish name] escaped!"...

The code that draws the lines of text is very hard to trace. Every now and then, I stumble into an infinite loop that doesn't make the game freeze. Some of them may be used to wait a specific number of frames. There may be some Interrupt wizardry going on...


You know I might just draw Icons for the FOOD like I did with the tools to avoid that area.  As far as the FISH CAUGHT section, maybe changing the "You caught [fishname] to [fishname] caught! to save space for letters to be inserted.


How about "Reeled in [fish name]!" or just "Reeled [fish name]!"


Unfortunately because they cant expand that box and lack of room for expansion, the fish name would have to be first mentioned to be able to allocate the large name size. More than likely it would have to be SILVER PIKE caught or BLACK BASS escaped.... :(


Putting all possible verbs after the fish name would be a good compromise. And since it's already how the Japanese version operates, maybe it will not need heavy ASM. We need to find how to trigger a change of line after the fish name without breaking the flow of the text engine...

Yet, expanding the message box is not out of the question, either...


I'll leave that decision up to you guys.

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You know I hope this isn't stalling that Contra project you got going on Trax. Been waiting to play the finished product :D



Nope, we got as far as we could. Sadly, the place where we were able to implement dte conflicted with the world map data. I myself, personally am not going pick this game back up. So whoever has the skills to finish it, can do so.


I had offered to finish the game, but the way the game was coded does not excite me. Doesn't mean I've given up, just working on other projects at the moment.