Help changing small amount of text in Final Fantasy IV & V

Started by noctvx, October 28, 2013, 01:10:41 AM

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Hello RHDN members.

Can anyone help me in changing 2 words in total between these 2 games.

What I would like to do:

FFIV, In the opening scene as the red wings are returning to baron, the first text box is the guard announcing they are about to arrive at barron, the 2nd text box is cecil replying with "Yeah..."
I want to change this to "So we are." or "...Very well" anything other than Yeah...
I am using a rom patched with FF4 - Cosmetic Changes 2 by Spooniest

FFV  wanting to change the default name for Battsu/Butz to Bartz, using RPGe v1.10 patched rom.

Dose anyone know the hex location for these lines in the roms I am using?


First of all you'll need to find a character table to get the correspondance between the letters and the in-game coding.

Then if you're lucky the text is not compressed and you'll be able to find it by searching.
This is probably the case with Bartz' default name, as it is not really in-game text, so it is extremely unlikely it is compressed. (why call the decompression routine for a 5-6 character sequence ?).

However, Square likes to use BPE (byte pair encoding), so it's likely the phrase "Cecil : Yeah..." contains compressed pairs of bytes. You'd have to ask someone more knowledgeable about FF4 than me.


Thanks for the tip, I found a rom map for both these games on this site which had pointer to the areas on interest on the rom, the main character naming screen on ffv dose use uncompressed text, I was able to find the Hex values for the uncompressed letters, 618E8D93 = Butz the default name, there are 2 occurrences of "618E8D93" in the rom when viewed with a hex editor, I changed them both to 617A8B8D93 which = Bartz and bobs your uncle.