Final Fantasy VI (SNES) complete $C3 bank relocatable ASM code

Started by magno, October 25, 2013, 05:51:28 AM

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As I promised in other post, I finally share with all of you my own dump of $C3 bank for Final Fantasy VI.
Inside the RAR you'll find two files:

* defs.asm -> a definition file, like a .h file, with lots of labels I use in my full project source code.
* Bank_$C3.asm -> a own-made ASM file with the whole $C3 bank dumped, tagged and 100% compliant with x816 compiler. Each routine has been isolated, all branches properly labelled and all data tables have been re-arranged. Besides, all menu text has been moved to the end of the bank, removed unused text and lot more of ROM space to add your own code. And lastly, almost all bugfixes related to $C3 bank have been inserted. The bad part is that all comments are in spanish.

I recommend to take a look to the code because you can learn a lot from it:$C3.rar

I'll upload to the RHDN document database asap.