Japanese Translations of Sky Shark and Legendary Wings?

Started by FrankensteinsRobot, June 18, 2013, 06:28:40 PM

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Hey there, In my travels Ive come across two interesting screenshots, for Japanese translated title screens for 'Legendary Wings' and 'Sky Shark' both of these games of course were not released for the Famicom. I have yet to find any info other than the screenshots on these pages

Legendary Wings (Scroll Down a bit) Clearly the poster states its a hack...

Sky Shark (scroll down) Appears to be a custom reproduction cartridge of some sort....(This guy also has the Legendary Wings translation above on a repro cart! Can someone translate what the info on this page says?)

Has anyone come across these translations before or any other Japanese translations of US and Euro exclusive games? I understand that the Japanese hacking community is very secretive and dont share their files :(

Thanks in advance for any information.


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Yes I know it is a "hack" but as far as that entails I believe is just title screen translations into Japanese. Im wondering if anyone has ever found these Japanese hack/translation files anywhere. I have not seen anything other than these few screenshots and it is odd to me that the ips files are not available (as far as I know)


Can anyone help? Im still searching. Are there any Japanese sites dedicated to Famicom Hacks and Translations?