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Utilities: Editroid 3.5 Released

Started by RHDNBot, June 15, 2013, 02:59:20 PM

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Update By: snarfblam

Editroid 3.5 has been released. This new version adds a built-in assembler to Editroid and allows users to add a screen-load routine to any screen. This makes it easier to do all sorts of things. Different graphics and music can be loaded for different parts of an area, The appearance of a screen can change based on the player's status, and so on.

RHDN Project Page

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Wonder if my issue of modified tiles and elevators are now fixed from crashing the app.


I'm always happy to try and fix issues when they're brought to my attention. If the problem still happens in the newest version, let me know. There should be a button along the lines of "More Info" or "Error Details" when the program crashes. If you copy and paste those details it will help a lot.


Wow, looks like an ambitious feature. I wonder if many people will take advantage of it, though. But I always say, if it is useful for at least one person, then it is worth it. Unfortunately, I couldn't run it with Wine or Mono, so I will give it a try when my PC gets out of its coma...


Well, if nothing else, I'm getting good mileage out of it with my own hack. Things the original engine doesn't support have become trivially easy.

I've posted some code samples at Metroid Construction, and there are more to come. I figure providing ready-to-go code can help people take advantage of the feature.