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GEMS Jukebox

Started by r57shell, June 07, 2013, 05:19:02 AM

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Hello there!
I'm here to listen your suggestions.
I have already planned to make GEMS Jukebox.

What it will be? It will be winamp like playing system for Genesis/Mega Drive music for GEMS sound driver.
I have done GEMS Sound Driver Jukebox tool for testing your own music banks.
But, I don't have my own music, so for test I used songs from games.
Some video from tests:
Example of installation:

But GEMS Jukebox will be some another thing. It will be designed for listening only.
There will be music from about 20 different games, combined into one Genesis 4MB ROM.
I have planned to support: queue list, random shuffle, fade.

So, your suggestions?
What user interface features you want?
What music to include?
Any other suggestions...
Or, may be it is bad idea :S