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The Kickstarter Thread

Started by pelham123, June 03, 2013, 02:36:06 PM

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I keep hoping someone will pick up that abandoned River City Ransom X68K Starter Pack and make an English translation.
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Most sequels are to the first game but play a bit like it. You are right in that nothing plays exactly like RCR except downtown special which is them putting on a play.
There are sequels that play the same but with no jrpg elements, squeals that play differently and have different jrpg elements and of course the sports games.
While yes there is no full on squeal to this entry to the series other than the down town special one there are many sequals that are at least close
Now after researching this product these people aren't as ignorant as the first people who tried to do this (They did their research, some have lived in japan or are in fact in japan now) and they went ahead and worked with million corp directly. As a Die hard Kunio fan (Almost bought the underwear) I give this project my blessing, the clearly want to bridge the universes rather than make them alternate and expand on the characters in a good way. Oh and that gameplay just looks boss.

When I heard they will be porting this to japan and making it a Kunio game... SOLD! These guys are mah boys.


About $320,500+!

Just wanna show this update:

And here are some pics!  :woot!:

Spoilers for those who have loading issues:  :thumbsup:



Recently, a lot of updates came up!

*An interview with the music composer for the game, Manami Matsumae:

She made the music for Mega Man 1 according to this wiki.

*The reveal for Mighty No.3:


Among the Mighty Nos., No.3 has more in-depth step-by-step concept art for her. I guess, a female boss has more
touch-ups that males. And the backers are a bit nitpicky on her design, too.  >:(

*And here are some fan-art animation:


Since Mighty No.9 is still WIP & no videos are available yet. This is very cool! I hope someone would make Roll Call animation like that riding the Wolflander.  :D



Quote from: Roger Rambo;4833589Some artwork/assets that got released in a fankit a couple days back.

They also have a Paypal Store



A single player, open world, open play, fantasy RPG where player choices determine the direction, flow, and the outcome of the game.

Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight is a single player, open world, role playing adventure game that combines the visual appeal of modern graphics and animation technologies with the classic role-playing elements hardcore RPG gamers love. In modern games, immersion, interactivity, and customization are often watered down by major studios, resulting in diluted replay value and degradation of the "role play" nature of the games. As RPG gamers ourselves, Druid Gameworks understands all those fun nerdy things RPG gamers want to see, or do, and we plan to give it to them in spades.

In this precursor and introduction to the Unwritten series, players are introduced to the world of Arthanswold through the heartland isles of Aerendwel and Byre, where the diverse and often unforgiving landscapes range from perilous mountain passes to dark ominous marsh lands, and overgrown jungles. In a player driven adventure, you can explore the world in any direction you want your story to go! Unearth hidden locations, unique characters, and dynamic quests. Chronicle your adventure in your journal, taking real notes whenever something important crosses your path. Customize pets and companions, take ownership of shops, wield powerful ritual magicks, join factions to form friendships, and uncover the shards of an ancient mystery that echoes from the past.

So what is a player driven adventure?

Think of it as a "choose your own adventure" video game. Most RPGs out there today would be considered story driven, where a main quest line is presented as the overall premise for the game play. Even when it's possible to delay the main quest, it's not usually possible to avoid it and still progress within the game. In the Unwritten series, game play is player driven, meaning you create your own game experience as you play and develop your avatar's story. As you explore our universe and make your choices you will lock and unlock different experience pathways with every play through.

Your consciousness stirs in an otherworldly place; all around you plays of light and shadow distort your surroundings in a shroud of mist. You can feel yourself lifting into the air, held aloft as if by magic, as a glowing form appears before you; so bright the only detail you can make out is the delicate outline of feathered wings. A distant voice echoes in your mind urging you to reach forward and it's only then that you notice the great husk of an ancient tree that seems to cradle you in the remnants of its tattered boughs. All along the carved wood, unfamiliar symbols ebb and glow. When you reach out and touch them awareness blooms inside you and you begin to piece together a plan for the future that awaits you. Again that haunting voice beckons you from within "You will be Unwritten," it says in hallowed reverence, "The fulcrum of our salvation or our destruction, we do not know, but pray you are not led asunder. Go forth into the world and write your destiny."

You awaken as if from a dream, the same dream you've had over and over again across the years of your life. Returning to the present the dreams fade away like the last shades of night withering before a rising sun. Today is a special day, your clan is preparing to celebrate your coming of age; a time of great change and a chance to make your way in the world.

Choose from one of six playable character races to design and customize to suit your vision for your avatar. Explore dynamic and changing landscapes, supernatural worlds, interact with rich characters and their unique stories. Recruit companions or join a faction to make new allies. Choose your path and write your story as it unfolds. Will you choose to be the hero? Or the villain? The everyman? The choice is yours and the possibilities are almost endless.

    Player Driven Gameplay
    Player Created Journal Option
    Open World Map with Few Load Screens
    Unique Explorable Landscapes
    Six Playable Races with Rich Histories (Unlock More by Supporting Us on Kickstarter)
    Unique Alternate Starts
    Evolving Storylines and Game Map that Respond to Your Choices
    Crafting and Trading
    Character Tailored Questlines
    Customized Companions and Mounts
    Dungeon Diving & Rewards
    Unique Weaponry with Race Bonuses
    Optional Survival Needs (Eating, Sleeping, etc)
    Role-playing Immersion Focus
    And much, much, more!


Kickstarter Page

Home Page

Unwritten is a open world RPG made by Bethesda game fan Modders.


I hate bumping this myself, buuut...

Aside from voting for Call's future design

New stretch goal have been revealed:


Yes! We heard the feedback from our community, and at this level, we would be thrilled to fulfill this popular wish -- to add an all-new single-player level, including a boss fight, where you can play as Mighty No. 9's heroine, Call! We agree it would be a fun addition and a great way to mix up the action, so fingers crossed we can make it this far!

It has roughly $400K (including pledges on PayPal) to go before the Kickstarter ends!  :woot!:

EDIT: Sooo the Kickstarter related threads have been merged.  :o


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Mighty No. 9 Funded! All stretch goals reached except for the very last one.  :beer:


Wasn't even defined, so as far as I'm concerned the last Stretch Goal was hit.
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Kickstarter Promo for Unwritten


5 days left for River City Ransom: Underground
Please pledge with all your might in the same passion as you're doing right now with Shantae and Hyper Light Drifter (did i mention RCRU has the composer of "Hyper Light Drifter" doing the music?)

Please make sure it not only gets funded but also reaches all of it's stretch goals especially the $320k Wii U/3DS stretch goal




Shante's KS is over
Now help RCRU get funded
and PLEASE pledge it to the point that the $320k stretch goal is reached with in the 4 days it has left

October 05, 2013, 05:20:08 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Attention gamers!
River City Ransom: Underground needs your pledges - and fast!
In order for it to come on the Wii U and the 3DS, It seeks $320,000 as it's stretch goal
you fellas have 3 days to make it happen

There's no reason to ignore it now since Mighty No. 9 and Shantae is now funded
Now get on going to the Kickstarter and pledge with all your might
Go at it, GO GO GO!


I admire your enthusiasm, but trust me, most of RHDN is broke :P
we are in a horrible and deadly danger


Quote from: BRPXQZME on October 05, 2013, 08:08:30 PM
I admire your enthusiasm, but trust me, most of RHDN is broke :P
This must be funded otherwise AlphaOmegaSin will kick your butts


we are in a horrible and deadly danger


homes if I wanted to see one of those I could just go to class on Monday :laugh:
we are in a horrible and deadly danger


I keep hoping to see Streets of Rage 4 on Kickstarter. Maybe one day...
Twilight Translations - More than just Dragonball Z. :P