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Author Topic: Phantasy Star 2 Item Hack -- Items restore TP.  (Read 2326 times)


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Phantasy Star 2 Item Hack -- Items restore TP.
« on: June 02, 2013, 06:46:50 pm »
I made a simple hack for Phantasy Star 2 that causes Monomate/Dimate/Trimate items to restore TP instead of HP. The idea is that, by giving the player more room to use techs instead of just attacking constantly, grind would be reduced, and more strategizing would be possible.

This should be finished, but I wanted to get some feedback on whether everything's working okay before I submitted it to proper.

File is available here: whenever Dropbox decides to finish syncing it. File should only contain the IPS file and a readme.

Snippet from the readme:

Known Issue:

Using a *mate item will still give the message that "<Character>'s wounds were healed." I am not, unfortunately, good at altering text. If anyone else wants to create a more appropriate message, by all means, go ahead.

Possible Issues:

I believe that the Star Mist item wasn't altered directly, although its behavior may have been changed when I modified the Trimate routines. From what I could tell, the Star Mist just applied the Trimate healing routine to everyone in your party, so the Star Mist probably restores TP too, now.

I'm not concerned as to whether it actually restores TP or HP -- the focus here was on the *mate items -- but it should definitely be considered a bug if it restores one when used in combat and the other when used from the map.

The Star Mist unfortunately wasn't very well tested because I couldn't find any save states including one.

How to Apply:

This patch was based on Phantasy Star II (UE) (REV 02) [!]. Other versions of the ROM may not work.
This patch SHOULD work with Reiska's Easy Mode hack, although I'd imagine the checksum will need to be recalculated if using both.

--- edit ---

Small, additional concern. I didn't modify how much stuff the *mate items restore. So monomate will restore 20 TP, dimate will restore 60 TP, and Trimates restore all of your TP.

I'm NOT sure that any of the characters get enough TP to make trimates really useful. A 20/40/60 distribution might be better, but I'm hesitant to modify this 'cause it could cause some side-effects with the HP restoring spells in battle.

Making trimates cheaper in shops might be the more workable solution.
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