Final Fantasy VI SNES Woolsey Uncensored Edition (Updated - Version 3.06)

Started by Rodimus Primal, May 31, 2013, 09:20:23 AM

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Basically, if I'm not wrong, Rodimus picked the 'obviously screwed up graphics/game mechanics errors' bugfixes, and left exploits alone.

I.E. if it affects gameplay negatively, it's fixed, if it helps you, he left it alone.
That sums it up?


Not really, but whatever I've searched a bit and found most of them if not all, to lazy to compile the list for easier reading though, but if others are interested in what they do, here are there links with descriptions.


Quote from: Digitsie on December 25, 2014, 02:13:18 PMI.E. if it affects gameplay negatively, it's fixed, if it helps you, he left it alone.
By that description you could justify not having the Evade bug fixed. You could save money on buying Relics that prevent Blind, for one. Though the argument could go either way since it's a bug in the game that wasn't originally intended.
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Rodimus Primal

That was one I overlooked, Zunar123. The evade bug fix actually helps make some of Strago 's spells work. There are a couple more I'm going to go back in and add. Any suggestions from you guys would help.

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Version 1.61 is already in que with the Evade and Rippler Bugs fixed. Also I'm making it easier for people to understand the patches. Apply the vanilla Uncensored Edition first, then the Bug Fixes Patch afterward, starting with 1.61.


I just wanted to say thank you for this awesome work. Been playing for about a week now and, I gotta say, out of all the remixes/retools of this game ive played over the years, I think I like this one the most. Its tugs at the nostalgia I have from when I played this in my youth sooooo much. I just wanted to let you know that I hiiiighly appreciate this romhack. *off to the world of ruin*


Happy to have, but suggestion - rename the 'TWUE + bugfix' to just 'bugfixes'. Had a braindead moment and just applied it by itself assuming the title actually meant it had both TWUE and bugfixes.

Rodimus Primal

Thanks, Jonesy47. Glad you are enjoying it.

I may just do that, Digistie. I realize that my read me wasn't that clear about the files.


If this is the un-Woolseyed edition, why isn't the main character named Tina?

Then again, maybe I'm biased, considering my Internet name is one of the character names he arbitrarily changed (Breath of Fire 1: ミリア/Myria -> Tyr).


Because this isn't the un-Woolsey edition. You have it backwards.

Rodimus Primal

The names of characters are the same as Square Enix's current names which for the most part are not changed from the original release by Woolsey. Terra Sabin, and Gestahl are the same but Vicks, Madonna, and Phantom Train Impresario are Biggs, Madaline, Conductor respectively.


So I've been looking to get back into FFVI, since it's one of my favourite games of all time. This patch seems like a good way to play it again, as most of the others remove a lot of the Woolsey-isms that I grew up enjoying. Unfortunately, no matter which rom version I sue or which patching utility, it always comes up as a bad rom after patching, regardless of emulator. I've tried to just find an older version of the mod, but those don't seem to exist. Any ideas?


Check two things:

1) Make sure the rom is Final Fantasy III (U)(V1.0)(!)

2) Make sure the rom has no header.

Use SNESTools for the header issue.

You -could- also use the IPS patcher in SNESTools, but Lunar IPS is better for use with the FFVI patch.


The rom is correct, Snestools doesn't work on Windows 8, but a similar tool was able to make sure the header was taken out. I tried patching it with both Lunar IPS and the Rom utility patcher, both only the basic patch and with the bug fixes, it didn't work either way. Gonna look at NSRT, see if anything there helps.

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Well, all that managed to help me with was confirming that the hashes of my headered and unheadered ROMs match those on the hack information page, so it is the correct ROM. Upon patching it though, it complains of a possible bad dump and doesn't work. Perhaps there is something wrong with the latest release? I am unsure at this point what the cause is.


I downloaded the latest, patched, and it's working... BSNES seems to be handling it fine. so is SNES.


What emulator are you using?


I primarily use ZSNES, but I tried snes9x as well. One would assume that both of those would work too. I'll try bsnes.

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It seems to be working in higan, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't work in the more popular emulators. I'll have to look into some things.

EDIT: Ah, there we go. Got it working. Sorry for wasting your time, but thank you for helping. Usually I'm less dumb than that.

Rodimus Primal

Use tush to make sure it has no header and that you have a 1.0 version of the ROM. Use Lunar IPS to patch. They seem to work best. I know it works in bsnes but I use SNES9x now and it works fine. I know ZSNES is popular but it was surpassed at this point. It should work on it though.


1) Main Gauche is misspelled, FYI. (You transposed the u and a.)

2) Trillium is misspelled (it should have two els).

Loving it so far, BTW.

Rodimus Primal

Moving right along, I see. Glad you like it so far. I've changed those two for the next update.



3) Is there supposed to be a tilde (~) in Gau's dialogue when he first appears? I'm thinking it's supposed to be an exclamation point (!).

4) In Lola's letter, "everyday" should be "every day." (Everyday is an adjective meaning "ordinary.")

5) I don't know what the naming philosophy here is exactly, but why not make "Heavy Shld" into "HeavyShield"?

Rodimus Primal

I kept all the shield names the same for consistency since some of them cannot add enough letters to spell shield. I can change it for some but not for all.

I fixed "every day" for the next update.

I had always thought of the ~ line used was more expressive than anything else since Gau acted like a wild animal. I changed it though.