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Importing PNGs to FF3usME
« on: June 29, 2013, 12:03:19 pm »
The past two or three days I've been searching for this solution. I didn't find the answer, but I figured it out myself. So I'm posting in case anyone else can profit.

The Problem:
The colors get messed up when importing PNGs to FF3usME using the sprite editor. If you export a sprite from FF3usME and then import to another sprite slot, it works fine.

The Reason:
At least for my particular problem, I believe the reason this was happening is because the PNGs I was importing did not have the full color palette that FF3usME was looking for. Apparently PNGs have a color palette that allows them to save storage. I.e. instead of assigning each pixel an RGB value, it looks at what colors are most commonly used and sets up a palette to assign an RGB value to each color in the palette. If the palette has 16 colors, then it only has to keep track of 16 RGB values, instead of the total number of pixels. Then each pixel is given a value of 0-15 in this case which assigns the palette color. It makes for a much smaller file size with less storage space required for each pixel.

In my case, I wanted to import the Ultros sprite sheet created by P0C0L0C0. As this PNG does not use all 16 colors included in FF3usME sprite editor palette #5, then that means two things:
1. The colors FF3usME is looking for are not all there.
2. More importantly, the colors in the PNG palette are not in the right order!
3. Ultros is imported as pink, not the royal purple I was expecting.

Thus, when FF3usME imported the picture, it only looked at the palette index # (0-15) assigned to each pixel. It has no way of knowing that the PNG's purple is in a different location in the color palette than purple is in FF3usME's color palette #5.

The Solution:
Add the missing colors to the PNG file before uploading! I colored the first 16 pixels in the first row of the PNG to match the 16 colors in FF3usME character sprite palette #5 (repeated as necessary across the sprites that share those two same "tiles" (or something like that)). Then (presumably) when I saved, the PNG format assigned those first 16 colors it found to the PNG palette in that order! Or something like that. Anyway, it worked. Ultros is purple. I have attached the PNG in the next post so you can see (and use).

There's probably a more elegant solution, such as using an image editor that gives you granular control over the color palette.

I also added three sprites for FF3usME's "new sprite format." If you are using FF3SE or an older version of FF3usME sprite editor (or Lord J's original standalone sprite editor), then just crop the PNG to 128x128.

Lord J: for FF3usME
P0C0L0C0: for the original sprite sheet (Alls I did was add the color palette and the extra sprites)
You: for reading
You: for correcting me where necessary

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