Any other pokemon hack that allows you to capture/obtain all pokemon in pokedex?

Started by Machinewind, May 07, 2013, 09:46:19 AM

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That is similar to Pokemon Ultra Violet that is released recently; so basically I am looking something like:
- No other changes (trainers, moves, etc)
- Able to complete the pokedex without trading/event; basically able to get everything.

For the Pokemon Emerald onwards that is. (HGSS, B&W)

I found about emerald 386, Volt White (and black equivalent), Shiny Gold (and silver equivalent) but it seems there are a lot of changes in them. Emerald being harder (?) and the other two (made by same author) appears to modify a lot of things.

To be fair for the latter, he also include a "clean" version but not sure if it just allow complete pokedex.

My interest to the series has been re-sparked recently, so yeah, anyone can help me?  :-\
Have been searching for a while but not much progress. 

Thanks in advance, and uh sorry if I put this on the wrong forum or something. Just registered here.
(by the way, is the terms of agreement for registering is suppose to be empty?  :o)


There is an emerald hack all right, although it is a bit vague.

Any hack that modify the NDS ones though? (PS. It doesn't have to be necessarily from this site.)