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Survival Kids 2: Escape the Twin Islands

Started by hattontown, April 22, 2013, 07:40:16 AM

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Hey guys! Thanks for the kind words.

I've been busy lately, so I've been sitting on massive amounts of translation that Hattontown has sent me.
Currently I have three endings made readable in English, with three more to go. Hopefully we can continue at the pace we're going and get this game out to you guys soon!

In the meantime, here are a few screenshots. They're from later in the game...



My only concern is to figure out how to use the patch as I am new to all this and have never patch a game before ! Any pointers on where to find out the process ?

Any suggestions are much appreciated : )


Hey Guyo! I use LunarIPS for both patch creation and application.
When we release the final product, it'll be an .ips file. You'll run your patching program (LunarIPS or whatever program you prefer), and it'll apply the .ips to the .gbc file. That's all there is to it.



I'm looking forward to an English translation of this game, sorry I can't help, however I still would love to play the sequel in English :)


Hey everyone, nothing new to report- this post is just to let you know, as always, that the project is ongoing and will be released when it is released. Thanks for your patience!


I'm mostly interested in capturing the endings!

Hopefully your FAQ will have step by step instructions as to how to get all the endings :P


Quote from: hattontown on December 15, 2013, 08:27:12 AM
Hey everyone, nothing new to report- this post is just to let you know, as always, that the project is ongoing and will be released when it is released. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for update! I can wait as log as it takes ;)


Hope you visit this website.   My nickname there is renzdol. I submit my own japanese to english translation about Survival Kids 2 gameboy color release in Japan. Actually a simple english translation for the game. There are a total of 5 endings with 1 additional ending. Hope this will help in your outstanding achivements. I am really looking forward your finish project. God Bless.



A small holiday update - and a few more screenshots!

                                      (No dialog, just Dinosaurs...)

At this point, HattonTown has all five endings done. I believe you could play through the core game at this point and not encounter any Japanese. Now we're working on the side-quests and additional flavor dialogue. :)

Unfortunately, the secret ending requires a link cable to access (Yeah, we thought it was weird too). After reading Ren_Fern's tips, I found a way to access it, but it's not the official way and relies on luck\randomized placement of bears. We're discussing how to handle far, we're thinking either remove the blocking object or change the condition to something else (Yay Assembly!).


 The trick in getting the diamond and passing the bear that is blocking your path is to use a Kindling to make a fire so that the bear will not reach you. Equip your Bow with Arrow to shoot a bear. A total of 21 shots to kill a single bear. There are times the fire will worn out. Quickly use the Kindling to make a fire again. I did get the diamond in the shelter inside this cave. That will make the game complete without using a link cable. The Survival Kids 2 Picture. I know you can do it. Be patient and perseverance is the key here. Please visit this website for more Survival Kids 2 hints. I hope you can make some FAQS or videos about this game like you did in youtube. Unfortunate for me I can't make a video for this game. I simply pass some Hints and Tricks about Survival Kids 2 Japanese version. God Bless.

December 30, 2013, 07:36:42 PM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

I am very grateful and thankfully that the Japanese Programmer Staff of Survival Kids 2 Japanese Version created the game More Challenging. You can actually Finish and Complete the Game 100% without using a link cable. The most challenging part in this game is to Get the Diamond for Additional Ending without using link cable. Now if you successfully found and get the diamond without using link cable, you are definitely the Best Survival Kids 2 Gamer Ever. I did get the diamond without using link cable. It is a challenge for everyone who love to play this game. I know you can do it. Then your gamer fans can do it too. Thank you very much for visiting this website

The picture of the Additional Ending goes like this: Either Yamato - the blue kid or Musashi - the red kid is smiling while holding a diamond on the palm of his hand.

Challenging Part: Get the Diamond without using link cable.

Here are some tips to pass those annoying bears.
- Bring Knife, Kindling, Flashlight, Mineral Canteen, Bow, Arrow. Must have a 100% Full Health Status to enter this challenging quest. It must be Night time to enter this cave.
- Use the Flashlight to lighten the dark area especially during Night time or inside the cave.
- Use Kindling to make a fire so that the bear cannot reach you. Use the Kindling often as your defense against those annoying bears.
- Equip your Bow with Arrow. Shoot while you are behind or near a fire to defeat a bear one at a time. A total of 20 shots to kill a single bear.
- If the area is clear - no bears, take the 3 meat then cook it. Eat the Baked Meat to boost your health status.
- The more bears you killed, the more meat to cooked, the more food to eat to survive inside this cave.
- As you progress toward the bottom left side of the screen into a shelter, you will find water pond inside this cave to drink water when necessary.
- When you reach the end bottom left side of this cave, move your character kid between the horizontal-vertical stripe lane toward upper-left corner to enter the shelter.
- No enemies inside the shelter. All you have to do is solve the puzzle. Different puzzle for each kid.
- Once you solved the puzzle, enter the secret stairs. Open all the doors until you reach a room with some kind of a satellite in there. Actually a scene will trigger.
- Now find and Get the Diamond on the upper-left side of the screen. A scene will trigger, holding a diamond treasure. You will have a victory sound. Quickly exit the shelter.
- You are in the cave again with those annoying bears. Use Kindling to make fire. Equip Bow and Arrow to shoot the bear that is blocking your path.
- Be sure to collect more food and water to survive on your way out. Use them when necessary.
- It must be Night Time to exit this cave.
- Once you are near the entrance of the cave and still the time is sunrise, noon, and sunset, all you have to do is move the kid up and down near the visible entrance cave until it is Night time.
- Immediately exit this challenging cave quest. Use the flashlight to lighten dark area during Night time. Quickly enter the hut and save your game.
- Once you familiarize the cave area and manage to pass those annoying bears, it is definitely an Easy and Challenging Quest to Get the Diamond Without Using A Link Cable.
- Now do any of the 5 Endings to see the Additional Ending scene.

Congratulations for your outstanding achivements. God Bless.



Is this project still alive?
I have been waiting years for something like this.


Bumping old threads isn't going to make updates magically appear.
They'll appear whenever the translator has something to share, *and* is feeling like willing to talk about it.
Until then... though luck for you. Be patient.


Hey guys! Thanks for the continued interest in this project. You can breathe easy, Hattontown and I are still working on it. :)
At this point, we're mostly trying to find all the dialogue we've translated in actual playthroughs to see if it looks right.




Oh yay I was beginning to wonder if this project was dead like all the others  :(

I can not wait for it to be finished I have been waiting forever to play this game in english!
Good job on it I wish you luck   :thumbsup:


Pretty excited about this. Do you think you might eventually tackle Star Ocean Blue Sphere? Now that's a GBC game I really wish had a translation.