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Survival Kids 2: Escape the Twin Islands

Started by hattontown, April 22, 2013, 07:40:16 AM

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I wrote few months ago that and I wanted to write that again: I'm still waiting and haven't forget about this translation. Thank you very much for all your hard work so far, I am looking forward to hear some new good news. You've got some fanbase already! Keep up the good work and good luck.


Thanks for keeping the faith, GeNeX!

We've made it through the entire game (all six endings and their variants) at this point...only to find it unlocks New Game Plus. :)
So now we're playing through that to see what's changed. Here are a few preview shots from post-game content...


                                                                                 (The Bear God is a hungry God...)


It's really great that you guys have gotten this far. I can't wait to play the final version 'cause I looooved Survival Kids when I was a kid and I'm sure the sequel will be even better. My greatest thanks for doing this service!


Wow, this game is HUGE! It even got a game+
Basically everything which fans of the first game were ever waiting for! Thanks for translating it, this release gonna be outstanding!


Bought the game off ebay... Excited about the translation.



He has to be talking about the second one. Although, he won't be able to use the translation with it, so...


Some people like to have the original in their shelf while playing a translation  :beer:


Quote from: ChronoMoogle on May 19, 2014, 06:00:11 PM
Some people like to have the original in their shelf while playing a translation  :beer:

Yeah, that's how I roll... :)

Cestius: Bought both actually. I had heard of survival kids before but never really looked at it before this thread. so I went ahead and got the first to try it now. I really liked lost in blue in college and Link to the past is my favorite Zelda. So I hope these are a less masochistic and easier for 10 minutes here and there. Then I hope I can play with my six year old.

Reyvgm: I don't know if the translation would work on original hardware or not. I've never tried it for gameboy game but I've put translations on the original cart for many snes and nes games.


Quote from: MichaeltheGreat on May 22, 2014, 06:53:07 AM

Reyvgm:  I've never tried it for gameboy game but I've put translations on the original cart for many snes and nes games.

That's not possible unless you are printing your own circuit boards.


Everdrive GB was released though. I'll most likely play the translation on it.


Can't wait to play the translation :D
Can you give an approximate release date (I'm asking because it seems that translation is almost done)?


Quote from: reyvgm on May 22, 2014, 08:16:47 AM
That's not possible unless you are printing your own circuit boards.

Well ok, sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was "patching" the actual rom chips in the original games. But with some eproms or correct flash chips, you can sometimes/often replace the rom chips with the translated rom--it's a repro. And I like to use the original cartridge--Sweet home on a sweet home famicom cartridge, clock tower on an original super famicom cart.

I didn't mean to take over this thread so I'll shut up about this now. All it is is a repro using the original game board. And if people say this translation works on hardware, I might try making a repro for myself (anyone plan on trying it on a flash cart?).


Hey everyone! Just wanted to post an update.

Ultimately, it's Hattontown's call when we release the translation. Personally, I'd say we're nearly *functionally* could play through the entire game multiple times without ever seeing any Japanese (Well, garbled mess, but you know...). Here's more or less what's left to do:
*A few random food items (There are like twenty-million combinations of food in this game; you can cook it, preserved it, and even mix two items to get different food. It's a nightmare finding them all). Nearly done.

*Hints. This is the largest remaining block of text, because it's really not crucial and half of it is in Katakana. We definitely want to finish it though.

*Some alternate dialogue paths. Basically, every conversation you have in the game can be different depending on what you've done at that point. For instance...

There's a haunted bed in the villain's fortress. If you sleep in it, a ghost will haunt you and you'll wake up complaining about not sleeping. If you overhear the boss talking about the second floor being haunt, sleeping in the bed will prompt you to say "...was that the ghost?" as well as stating you're tired. And there's additional text that seems to imply it's the ghost of the wrecked ship on the other island, but I haven't been able to find the trigger that prompts that dialogue to test it.
There's not too much of that left, but I want to see all of it in-game before I consider it finished.

*Verifying that all the post-game items are correct. Again, we have the full list, but I haven't found all of it in-game yet.

Also, I'm definitely going to burn this to cart so I can play it on real hardware. Definitely keep me updated if you have any problems with it on a flashcart.


We found one of the bad guy's personal effects:

What's inside is pretty amusing. :)


Cool had no idea the game was that big with the alternate dialog and such.  Take your time on the translation :D.


And what is your overall opinion about the game? It would be hard to find someone who knows the game better then you two, I think.
So - did you like it?


Loved finding out about the first one when I was a kid. Was kind of blown away by what you could do but ultimately, never got anywhere and ended up dying.

Super excited about this it seems to be very fleshed out compared to the first - has more charm than Lost in Blue definately.



Hey everyone. Quick note to assure you that the project is most certainly NOT dead, and never will be. As a matter of fact I've made some significant progress in the past few weeks. To keep this explanation short, I'll just say that though we've had the bulk of the core game translated for some time now, we've been focusing lately on little bits that the average user might not come by on a first play through- game hints provided by one particular character (written in a dialect and with many cultural references I didn't understand, so it took awhile), item descriptions for items we never found, etc.

The patch will be released by Christmas at the absolute latest, though I would venture to say that it may be earlier. We are endeavoring to present to you a near-perfect patch on the first release, but I'm sure there will be some mis-labeling of items or something that people will report to us, and then we'll have to re-patch.

As of right now, literally every string in the game has been translated. But now we need to first insert that translation into the ROM, and then playtest to make sure we're giving you the experience you want. Please be patient and rest assured your wait is not in vain.

July 12, 2014, 08:46:21 AM - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Also, someone asked what my overall opinion of the game is. I hope to release a review on GameFAQs and maybe YouTube simultaneously with the patch release, but let me assure you that if you loved SK1 and hated/were disappointed by Lost in Blue, you will love this game. The game has more plot, and a choice you make at the beginning of the game significantly affects your playthrough. It is almost like having 2 Survival Kids games in one. Maybe more like 1.5 SK games in one. There are more interesting things you can make through merging, but one thing I found incredibly interesting was the new "Break" option. You can break previously complex items into smaller parts- and you will need to rely on this for some of the problem-solving in the game.

The only con I have come across is that unlike SK1, there are no mini games (that I've found). But this is a pretty small complaint.

You will not be disappointed.


Thanks so much for this! Replaying the original at the moment and every time I do I check the internet to see if someone happens to have translated the 2nd game in the series.
I can't express how happy I am to have found your project! Thanks again! :)