Silent Hill: Genesis - fan-made adaptation of SH: PN for SMD

Started by lupus, April 21, 2013, 10:59:02 AM

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Great Progress man! ;D I'd always wished for a text adventure or point & click adventure type game on the Sega Genesis with a different sort of setting like horror or similar to those Blue Cup studios freeware adventure games on PC  :beer:


will the final build have audio/music as in GBA version



Game was updated. Now with som sfx in Harry's scenario (first 5 chapters).


Excellent job lupus. I have been checking out GINCS and messing with it. I read that you are using a version of GINCS that is using a graphic compression method. Is this available for download? Also what method do you use for converting the pictures to 16 colors and keeping the detail still intact? Is there a user guide for this? Keep up the great work and hope to see some audio in there (4mb isn't a lot to work with, especially with audio).

Thank You


I'm using GINCS visual studio. It supports gfx compression from 1.4.2. Last avaible version is 1.8.2 and you can use it for building your project. Also GVS has tool  for import for import gfx to the project, so you can optimize your pictures.
But i used retro grafics toolkit for generate palletes and adding dithering.
Now you can download sources of last public build SH:Genesis from my project page (look the first post).
GVS homepage:


Thanks for the reply lupus. I downloaded the Retro Graphics Toolkit, but couldn't figure it out. Could you give any advice on how to use this program? Is there a random event in GINCS Studio? Such as picking a selection then a random event happening?

Thank You


As I remember:
1. Prepare image in photoshop or another gfx editor. I used 320x224 24-bit pngs.
2. Run RGToolkit and import image as background
3. Generate palette in one row (16 colors)
4. Set dithering
5. Set your image to background
6. Make screenshot
7. Using photoshop cut your image from screenshot
8. Decrese color dept to local palette
9. Save it

About your next question:
No gincs cannot it.
But you can use some trick. I used it in butterfly puzzle.
Something like that:

Choose1; goto 1
Choose2; goto 2
Choose3; goto 3

Set fl0001
Some text
Goto 4

Set fl0002
Some text
Goto 4

Set fl0003
Sme text
Goto 4

If fl0001 goto 4-1
If fl0002 goto 4-2
If fl0003 goto 4-3

You can look into my sources and use something from my scripts in your project.


Thank you lupus for the info. I have succeeded on making the pictures look 10x better using your method. Still working out the GINCS info you gave, but will figure it out soon.

Thanks Again


Hello lupus. I was wondering if there has been any progress on the Silent Hill game? Are you planning on releasing beyond beta? Also do you know if there is any info on a new GINCS release?

Thank You


I planning to make update, but now have no time.
Some projects you can find here:
Use google translator to read the page.


Game was updated
06.11.2014 - Beta version
* Some code cleanups and new sounds in Harry's scenario.


Nice game, the game I downloaded from the project page says Version 2013-10-23 so the 2014's version is not available besides that It would be better to keep text in the center of the screen just like the original version, because the font is too small.


Woah, this looks cool. Times like this make me glad a thread was necro'd  ;D


Never could have guess something like this would happen.

One question though, is this more of a translated version of the GBA Play Novel made from scratch for the Genesis or is this a completely original script/play novel game?