Proto Man VI - Player Character hack of Mega Man VI

Started by Nazeji, June 20, 2016, 04:25:31 AM

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This is a hack of Mega Man VI (6) that replaces Megaman with Protoman.
This hack was created by myself ( Nazeji ) and Thainferno305

~ Apply IPS Patch to unmodified 'Mega Man 6 (U).nes' ROM ~

Currently the changes made are :
- All of Megaman's Sprites are replaced with Protoman, including the Jet and Power Adaptors, and the 1up Helmet.
- Graphics of Credits, Title Screen, Stage Select, Password Screen, and Weapon Menu Screen.
- All Palettes that needed changing.

What still needs to be done :
- Cut Scenes need Megaman to be changed to Protoman.
- A few various Tile Mappings need changing, which will require expanding the ROM (Protoman's Cape needs more Tiles in some Frames and Tiles of a different Palette so it can be Yellow, + "MEGAMAN VI" Text in Weapon Menu when equipping a Suit / Armor needs this done so it can be "PROTOMAN VI, and a few other tiny adjustments")
- Programming the Shield to actually be functional.
- Slight Player Character adjustments to remove the sticky control feeling he has in Mega Man 6.

In order to make the Tile Mapping adjustments I want to do, and Program the Shield to be functional, I need to expand the ROM, and that will require me to deal with Bank Swapping, and since I'm only partly familiar with the NES Hardware, I won't be doing that right now. I also need a break and have other things in life that I must attend to, so I won't finish this hack for a little while, but I will come back to it later.

You are all free to use this hack as a base for any of your own hacks, or to make your own improvements based on this hack, or whatever you want. I don't require you to credit us, though I would encourage to mention us somewhere if you like (say in your readme.txt or the Forum post of your hack), though again, I don't require it and don't feel pressured to if you don't want to. I like to share, and I find that it inhibits overall progress in general when everyone tries to make anything they create restricted and locked down. Enjoy!

Download Patch : (tiny tiny update)


I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Thank you for this.


I'm happy to see finally a new and promising Proto Man Hack for the classic NES. You can't have enough of them.
Awesome job so far. Thank you


You're very welcome everyone.

Btw, you might have all noticed already, but I also took a moment to make the arm cannon look nice, instead of it looking like something resembling a Firehose nozzle, or something of the sort lol.